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What Are Industrial Floor Cleaning Products? What Are The Health Risks & Are There Alternatives?

Industrial floor cleaning products include commercial quality sanitizes, detergents, disinfectants, and other industrial grade cleaning supplies. These cleaning supplies are generally manufactured by large companies in order to measure up to demanding needs of various industries. Efficiency and speed are in the forefront of many floor cleaning supply manufacturer’s minds when looking to capitalize on […]

Buying a Refurbished Floor Cleaner vs. New

What Does Refurbished Mean? Refurbished can mean anything from a product that has been returned, unopened to a product that has been used and then restored to its original condition by skilled technicians. In the case of our Tennant floor cleaners, most of the refurbished floor cleaning machines we carry have been fully restored to […]

The Importance of Industrial Floor Cleaners at a Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary clinics regularly admit pets that are carrying a wide variety of illnesses, including parasites, flees, contagious infections, and skin conditions. While many of these are not necessarily transferrable to humans, many are highly contagious to other animals. It’s extremely important to maintain a sanitary environment to prevent transmittal. It’s just as important, for the […]

How to Dispose of Waste Water from Industrial Floor Cleaners

Once your floor or carpet cleaning job is finished, it is important to properly dispose of the dirty wastewater. We strongly encourage you to follow these guidelines for safety reasons. Before disposing of the wastewater, the first step is to filter it to remove carpet fibers and other debris. This will prevent pipes from getting […]

Safety Tips For Industrial Floor Cleaning

Modern industrial floor scrubbers have certified safety features that are designed to reduce any risks to operators. Still, it is also important to be aware of safety concerns when using industrial cleaning equipment. We’ve put together some safety tips you can use when renting our floor cleaning machines. Preparation We regularly inspect all of our […]