t20 floor scrubber

Industrial floor cleaning products include commercial quality sanitizes, detergents, disinfectants, and other industrial grade cleaning supplies. These cleaning supplies are generally manufactured by large companies in order to measure up to demanding needs of various industries. Efficiency and speed are in the forefront of many floor cleaning supply manufacturer’s minds when looking to capitalize on these markets. In light of this need to monetize, health and safety is often overlooked.

In order to achieve a deep, bacteria killing, cost effective cleaning agent, many companies turn to toxic floor cleaning chemicals. But what are the health risks of working with such chemicals? And is it worth sacrificing our health and wellness?

The result of inhaling toxic cleaning chemicals have been known to cause various health complications, for example, a disease called chemical pneumonia. Chemical pneumonia comes with a plethora of undesirable potential symptoms such as burning sensations in facial orifices, dry and wet coughing producing clear, yellow, green mucus or blood, nausea, abdominal pain, chest pain, and more.

Clearly, choosing certain floor cleaning supplies that compromise health for performance can entail serious consequences. This is why it is important to invest in appliances and supplies from companies who use chemical free solutions, and due to superior innovation and engineering, do not have to sacrifice industrial grade effectiveness. Take the Tennant T20 floor scrubber machine, for example, which uses chemical-free ec-H2O™, and FaST® technologies which deliver an aggressive deep clean that holds up to the highest industry standards. Furthermore, the T20 industrial floor scrubber has been engineered so that it is built to last and requires low amounts of maintenance, therefore proving to be a cost effective investment. Take that industrial chemical industry! This is just one example of alternative cleaning technologies out there. There is an uprising of companies making an effort to keep us both clean and healthy.

When you choose to maintain a healthy environment by using better, safer cleaning solutions for your business, everybody benefits. Your hired cleaners, employees and customers all breathe easier and as a result are happier and healthier (with less sick days). With innovative leaders in the cleaning industry today creating chemical free, ultra effective equipment and supplies, you needn’t compromise your health, your wallet, or the cleanliness of your business anymore.

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