Floor Cleaning Safety Tips

Modern industrial floor scrubbers have certified safety features that are designed to reduce any risks to operators. Still, it is also important to be aware of safety concerns when using industrial cleaning equipment.

We’ve put together some safety tips you can use when renting our floor cleaning machines.


We regularly inspect all of our machines to ensure your safety. It is also a good idea to perform some basic checks when preparing to use an industrial floor cleaner.

Check hydraulic fluid levels, fuel levels, engine coolant and oil levels before operating one of our machines. All filters and vacuum hoses should be clear of debris or blockages. Checking the tail lights, headlights and safety lights, as well as the brakes and steering will ensure proper operation of the machine.

Some Precautions

It’s important never to use any flammable materials in or around floor cleaning machines, as they can explode or catch fire. Ignition sources should be kept away from the machine’s batteries.

Follow the mixing and handling instructions on chemical containers and only use recommended cleaning detergents. Damage can occur if used with solutions not intended for the machine.

Any water used with the machine should not exceed 60°C or 140°F. Ensure waste water is disposed of properly.

Only use attachments that are approved by the manufacturer.


When a cleaning machine is in use, people should stay a safe distance away from the operating area to avoid collision and the operator should keep his/her hands clear of moving parts. It’s also important that the operator dress appropriately with no hanging jewelry or loose fitting clothing.

When operating the scrubber, start slow, make smooth turns, and stop without spinning the wheels. Occasionally, string, plastic wrap or other debris can wrap itself around the brushes and should be removed.

If the operator needs to leave the scrubber unattended, the key should be removed from the machine. The machine operator should also avoid using the scrubber if s/he feels drowsy or unwell. Similarly, the operator should avoid using a scrubber that vibrates excessively or appears otherwise unsafe.

Avoid using the machine to transport people or objects.

Implementing proper safety precautions when using an industrial floor scrubber is the best way to ensure the well-being of the operator and building occupants.