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What Does Refurbished Mean?

Refurbished can mean anything from a product that has been returned, unopened to a product that has been used and then restored to its original condition by skilled technicians. In the case of our Tennant floor cleaners, most of the refurbished floor cleaning machines we carry have been fully restored to work like new and will last for many years.

Some people might feel as though buying refurbished is taking a risk. The machine might break down more often, not perform as well as a new one, or simply not last as long. With some electronic devices or computers, this might well be true. However, with something like a floor cleaner, the machines are skillfully restored by technicians who rebuild them to a condition that is like new.

The main advantage of choosing a reconditioned floor cleaner over a new one is price. You will spend much less for a comparable machine that likely has the same lifespan as a brand new one.

Another advantage is brand name recognition. With a refurbished floor cleaner, many companies can afford to buy a Tennant floor cleaning machine, knowing they can trust the reputation of the company that stands behind it, without paying the original price.

Reconditioned machines undergo a series of tests to ensure they work well and will stand the test of time. Generally, the outer body of the machine is used, but the machine and its parts have been restored and/or replaced to a new condition. This means the machine might be considered used, but it will perform the way it needs to in order to do a good job.

If you are flexible about the outer appearance of your floor cleaning machine and don’t mind that it is a reburbished model, then this is a great cost-effective option for you.

The choice to buy refurbished or new is best determined by evaluating what suits your budget and needs.

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