extend the life of industrial floor sweeper

10 Pro Tips: Maintenance to Prolong Industrial Floor Sweeper Lifespan

Enhance efficiency and savings – extend industrial floor sweeper lifespan with 10 easy maintenance tips. Industrial floor sweepers are invaluable tools. They help to maintain superior cleanliness and safety in warehouses, factories, and other…
Floor cleaning machines in manufacturing facilities

6 Benefits of Utilizing Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines in Manufacturing Facilities

Boost efficiency, safety, and cost savings. Discover the power of floor cleaning machines in manufacturing facilities. Maintaining a clean and safe environment is crucial for any manufacturing facility. With the constant flow of production,…
Impact of Quality Industrial Floor Cleaning on Employee Morale and Productivity

5 Impacts of Quality Industrial Floor Cleaning on Employee Morale and Productivity

Clean floors, happy employees: boosting morale and productivity through quality industrial floor cleaning. Maintaining a clean and hygienic work environment is essential for any organization. However, the impact of quality industrial floor…
Cleaning Industrial Floors with Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Industrial Floors with Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines

Don't sweep it under the rug: Top mistakes to avoid when cleaning industrial floors with industrial floor cleaning machines Cleaning industrial floors can be a challenging task, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be done effectively…
Floor Cleaning in Food Processing Plants

Regular Floor Cleaning in Food Processing Plants: Why It Matters

Regular floor cleaning should be one of the most important priorities to maintain health and safety in food processing plants. In any food processing plant, hygiene is paramount. Consequently, it requires meticulous regular floor cleaning to…
3 Must-Ask Questions When Considering an industrial floor scrubber or sweeper

3 Must-Ask Questions When Considering an Industrial Floor Scrubber or Sweeper

It's important to choose the best industrial floor scrubber or sweeper for your business and facilities. Here are the questions you need to consider: When it comes to maintaining a clean, organized, and safe industrial facility, the right floor…
innovations in industrial floor cleaning technology

Industrial Floor Cleaning in 2023 – Exciting Innovations in Floor Cleaning Technology

Improving efficiency and cleaning power, industrial floor cleaning in 2023 offers exciting innovations in floor cleaning technology. Industrial floor cleaning technology has come a long way in recent years. With new innovations and advancements,…
industrial floor cleaning machine for large buildings. Ride on sweeping machine

Industrial Floor Cleaning Challenges and How to Conquer Them!

There are a variety of industrial floor cleaning challenges that make business owners and managers crazy. Here's how to overcome them! You get in the floor cleaning groove – a routine that helps keep your floors safe, clean, and looking good.…
Industrial floor sweeper or scrubber. Which to choose

Industrial Floor Sweeper or Scrubber – Which to Choose For Your Business?

Choosing an industrial floor cleaning machine can be overwhelming. Do you need an industrial floor sweeper or scrubber? Let's take a look at the difference. When you are in the market for an industrial floor cleaning machine, it can be a confusing…
KwikFix Depot - Why Your Warehouse Needs A Floor Cleaning Machine

Why Your Warehouse Needs A Floor Cleaning Machine

A quality floor cleaning machine is essential for a warehouse. Keep facilities clean and safe while prolonging the life of your industrial floors. A lot happens in any warehouse. From heavy machinery operation to boxing and unboxing to storage…
Floor Cleaning Made Easy – A Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber s20

Floor Cleaning Made Easy – A Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

Make your floor cleaning a breeze! A walk-behind floor scrubber is a compact and efficient tool for cleaning commercial floors. An industrial floor sweeper is the best way to collect and remove dirt, dust, and debris from your floors. A wide…
KwikFix Depot Healthcare Facilities Need Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines

3 Reasons Healthcare Facilities Need Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines

Quality industrial floor cleaning machines are essential to any healthcare facility to promote health, safety, and trust. It might surprise you to learn that of all the surfaces in any healthcare facility, what is most vital to keep meticulously…
Tennant T12 Floor Scrubber

5 Tips to Purchase the Best Industrial Floor Scrubber or Sweeper

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the best industrial floor scrubber or sweeper for your business. Here are 5 easy tips! To save money, time, and stress long-term, it's critical that you make smart business decisions. You…
Industrial Floor Cleaning – How to Remove Dirt Oil and Grease

Industrial Floor Cleaning – How to Remove Dirt, Oil, and Grease

Industrial floor cleaning often includes removing dirt, oil, and grease. Choose the right product for the job and your equipment. You will find a lot of choices when it comes to detergents for your industrial floor cleaning machine. It can…
industrial floor scrubber

When Should You Service Your Floor Scrubber? Look for These 5 Signs

Does your industrial floor scrubber need servicing? Look for these 5 signs that your machine may need expert, professional help! Many of our customers' facilities require frequent intense industrial floor cleaning. They need a professional-grade…
Why Switch to An Industrial Cleaning Machine? The Cost Benefits!

Why Switch to A Commercial Floor Cleaning Machine? Easy – The ROI!

Considering the cost benefits, switching to a commercial floor cleaning machine simply makes good business sense. Did you know? Labour costs can account for up to 85% of your facility's cleaning costs.Cleaning is one of the most labour…
Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine

Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for An Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine

You're ready to invest in an industrial floor cleaning machine. Avoid these mistakes to make the best choice for your business. When you're looking for the right industrial floor cleaning machine for your business, it's not a cookie-cutter…
6 Industrial Floor Cleaning Trends 2022

6 Industrial Cleaning Trends 2022

Industrial cleaning during the pandemic brought new protocols and guidelines, setting new, and lasting, standards. Since the beginning of the pandemic, industrial cleaning and the cleanliness and sanitization of facilities have been thrust…
Disinfecting Floors with Floor Scrubbers

Why Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Are The ONLY Way to Clean Your Floors

Clean floors are integral to a facility's health and safety. Industrial floor cleaning machines are the ONLY way to ensure proper cleanliness. Another New Year – and the beginning of year three of the COVID-19 pandemic. We also get to ring…
Floor Scrubber for Your Business

Which Floor Scrubber or Sweeper for Your Business? A Handy Guide!

An industrial floor scrubber or sweeper for your business – how to know which is the best one to choose? The cleanest floors possible are more important than ever. And the cleanest, most thoroughly sanitized floors are best achieved with…
Clean and Sanitize Large Floors

An Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine – Clean and Sanitize Large Floors Most Effectively

How to keep your large floors the cleanest and most sanitized possible? An industrial floor cleaning machine The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for thorough cleaning and sanitizing. Yes, that means surfaces like desks and countertops,…
Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine Parts KwikFix Depot

Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine Parts – Have Them On-Hand!

Industrial floor cleaning machine parts do wear out. Have them on-hand to prevent loss of time and losses to your bottom line. The industrial floor cleaning machine parts on your floor cleaning machines will eventually wear out. It's why they're…
Best Used Industrial Floor Scrubber or Sweeper

How to Get the Best Used Industrial Floor Scrubber or Sweeper for Your Business

Save time and money without compromising quality or performance when you invest in a USED industrial floor scrubber or sweeper. Clean – or unclean! – floors are often the first thing people see when they enter your business. Your floors…
KwikFix Depot Reduce Cleaning Costs – Your Cost-Saving Guide

Reduce Cleaning Costs – Your Cost-Saving Guide

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Your cleaning budget is probably bigger – or stretched further! – than ever before. But, it doesn't have to get out of control! A few handy tips to help you reduce cleaning costs. Since early 2020, no doubt you've had to increase your cleaning…
An Industrial Floor Scrubber – Can You Afford NOT to Rent One?

An Industrial Floor Scrubber – Can You Afford NOT to Rent One?

An industrial floor scrubber offers so many benefits to your appearance, your safety, and your bottom line. Question: can you afford not to rent one? If you are still relying on a manual cleaning team to manage the cleanliness of your commercial…
Ride-On Floor Scrubber or Sweeper

Why A Ride-On Floor Scrubber or Sweeper? Superior, Cost-Effective Cleaning

An industrial ride-on floor scrubber or sweeper can transform the floors of your business – superior cleaning and surprisingly cost-effective! We know that keeping your business clean has always been a priority for you. We also know that…
KwikFix Depot 3 Reasons to Invest in an Industrial Floor Scrubber or Sweeper for restaurants

Restaurants – 3 Reasons to Invest in an Industrial Floor Scrubber or Sweeper

An industrial floor scrubber or sweeper will help you present at your best – for valued customers and the health inspector! If you are a restaurant owner or manager, you're already likely working harder than most. Between managing kitchen…
cleaning floor with machine

Your Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines – How to Maximize Cleaning Power!

It's one thing to invest in great commercial floor cleaning machines, but how to get the most out of them? Maximize effectiveness with these tips: You've made the great decision to transition from the tremendous inefficiency and expense of…
Invest in a Refurbished Industrial Floor Scrubber or Sweeper

3 Reasons to Invest in a Refurbished Industrial Floor Scrubber or Sweeper

Investing in a refurbished industrial floor scrubber or sweeper will help you cut costs without compromising reliability and cleaning capacity.We are already well aware of how an industrial floor scrubber or sweeper can enhance any…
Industrial Floor Scrubbers for Healthcare Sector

Why Industrial Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers Are Vital to the Healthcare Sector

Why are industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers essential tools for the Healthcare industry? Ease and exceptional results.I think we all expect that healthcare prioritizes superior cleanliness, sanitization, and disinfection.And…
preventative maintenance of commercial floor cleaning machines

Maintenance for Your Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines

Save time and money with planned, preventative maintenance of your commercial floor cleaning machines.To ensure that your commercial floor cleaning machines – floor scrubbers and sweepers – continue to meet the cleaning demands…
Commercial floor scrubbers & sweepers GTA

6 Reasons KwikFix is the Best Choice for Commercial Floor Scrubbers & Sweepers in the GTA

We know you have a lot of choices for Commercial Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers – we also know we're the best!We don't mean to brag, and we know the competition is fierce, but we've worked hard to be your best choice for commercial…
KwikFix Depot Best Used Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers In The GTA

Where to Buy The Best Used Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers In The GTA

Looking for commercial floor cleaning equipment? KwikFix Depot has a great selection of the best used floor scrubbers and sweepers in the Greater Toronto Area. As good as new!We specialize in providing the best used commercial floor cleaning…
KwikFix Depot Commercial Floor Scrubber Buying Guide

Your Commercial Floor Scrubber Buying Guide

What to look for in a high-quality commercial floor scrubber? Important factors to understand as you consider your next cleaning equipment purchase or rental. Commercial floor cleaning has come along way from the old mop and bucket model over…

Efficiency and Productivity – How To Improve the Cleaning Performance of Your Janitorial Staff

Now, more than ever, it's critical that the cleaning performance of your janitorial staff is better than ever before. With the demand for increased cleanliness and sanitization in our public and commercial spaces, the cleaning performance of…
Rider vs walk behind floor cleaning machines

What's Best for Your Business – A Ride-on or Walk-behind Commercial Floor Cleaning Machine?

Cost-effectively and easily eliminate grime, dust, dirt, and germs. Depending on your needs, a ride-on or walk-behind commercial floor cleaning machine will do the trick. Commercial floor cleaning machines – sweepers and scrubbers –provide…
2019 Novel Coronavirus COVID-19. Keep floors as clean as possible with KwikFix Depot

Amidst COVID-19 – Have the Cleanest Surfaces Possible to Reduce the Impact

In a time of great uncertainty and fear, you can be proactive, do all that you can, to help mitigate exposure to COVID-19. Keep the surfaces and floors of your business as clean as possible! Even at this time, after so many measures to "flatten…
Rent an Industrial Floor Scrubber

What to Look For In an Industrial Floor Cleaner Rental Partner

Making the right choice in industrial floor cleaner rental really depends on the specific needs of your business. The right partner will rise to meet them! You may not want to purchase an industrial sweeper, scrubber, or cleaner. If you don’t…
KwikFix Industrial Floor Cleaning

Cleaning Performance Results: Industrial Floor Scrubber vs. Manual Methods

Wondering if your facility or warehouse needs to consider industrial floor cleaning over your manual processes? Chances are, yes! There are many facilities and building managers who already understand the many benefits associated with incorporating…
Carpet Cleaning to Kill Bacteria

Kill Bacteria with Proper Industrial Floor and Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are an element of your office decor that’s particularly prone to hiding potentially harmful bacteria. Careful carpet cleaning can help reduce bacteria in your carpets and other areas. Bacteria are tiny microorganisms that exist pretty…
KwikFix Depot - Artificial Intelligence the future of industrial floor cleaners

Artificial Intelligence: the Future in Industrial Floor Cleaners?

We're familiar with the iRobot Roomba, but how is Artificial Intelligence improving the technology to expand to include industrial cleaning equipment – or is it? For anyone who has owned a Roomba or any other brand of robot vacuum cleaner,…
Industrial Floor Cleaning Concrete Floors Pros and Cons

Considering Concrete Floors for Your Business? Here's What You Should Know!

Are concrete floors right for your business? A popular flooring material for residential and commercial spaces – but is it right for your business? Concrete floors as finished flooring material has been gaining popularity due to the sleek,…
janitorial floor cleaner rental

Own a Janitorial Service? 7 Reasons to Rent Your Industrial Floor Scrubber

If you own your own janitorial service, you may be surprised to learn that renting, not owning, your industrial floor scrubber might be a great way to go! To increase the bottom line and minimize stress, janitorial service owners and operators…
Rent an Industrial Floor Scrubber

Rent an Industrial Floor Cleaner – Easy, Convenient, Hassle-free

When considering the cleaning needs of your business, you may find that it's a lot more efficient and practical to rent, rather than purchase, an industrial floor cleaner. As you examine the housekeeping needs of your business, organization,…
KwikFix Depot Ride-on vs Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Walk-Behind vs Ride-On Sweepers & Scrubbers. Which is the Best Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine for You?

Choose the right industrial cleaning equipment for your needs. Both our walk-behind and ride-on versions provide the best in cleaning and efficiency, but which is best for you? As Ontario's leading supplier of industrial floor cleaning equipment,…
Winter floor care

Winter Floor Care: Essential to the Health and Life of Your Floors

Ensure good winter floor care to protect the long-lasting health and lustre of your floors. As the mercury heads south and rain, sleet, and snow dominate the weather cycle, it's important to understand that your floors are going to need much…
Shiny clean floors for great first impression

First Impressions Matter: Consistently Clean Floors can Make Yours Shine!

Make sure that your customers first impression is a good one with impeccably clean floors. We can help! The fact is, while your customers may not really notice your business' beautifully shiny and clean floors... they'll ABSOLUTELY notice…
Industrial Cleaning Equipment maintenance

Regular Maintenance: Plan Routine Check-ups for your Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Industrial Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers Require Routine Check-ups to Keep them Running Smoothly Annual routine check-ups are important to schedule with your doctor to ensure your continued good health. And, while it may not be a matter of life…
Clean floors safely

Industrial Floor Cleaning Prevention of Slips: Keeping Floors Safe as They are Clean!

No business, or worker, can afford the potential damages incurred from preventable slips and slip-falls on the job. Approximately 60,000 workers are injured on the job from slips, trips, and falls every year. This accounts for 15 per cent of…
janitorial floor scrubber machine

Choosing the Right Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine Specific to Your Type of Flooring

Ensure you’re using the Appropriate Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine for the Flooring You Have If you’re in the market for industrial floor cleaning equipment, no doubt you’ve got some serious space to cover and, more often than not,…
t20 floor scrubber

What Are Industrial Floor Cleaning Products? What Are The Health Risks & Are There Alternatives?

Industrial floor cleaning products include commercial quality sanitizes, detergents, disinfectants, and other industrial grade cleaning supplies. These cleaning supplies are generally manufactured by large companies in order to measure up to…
Floor scrubber delivery ontario

Buying a Refurbished Floor Cleaner vs. New

What Does Refurbished Mean?Refurbished can mean anything from a product that has been returned, unopened to a product that has been used and then restored to its original condition by skilled technicians. In the case of our Tennant floor…
Clean Floors at Vet Clinic

The Importance of Industrial Floor Cleaners at a Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary clinics regularly admit pets that are carrying a wide variety of illnesses, including parasites, flees, contagious infections, and skin conditions. While many of these are not necessarily transferrable to humans, many are highly contagious…
water disposal from industrial cleaner

How to Dispose of Waste Water from Industrial Floor Cleaners

Once your floor or carpet cleaning job is finished, it is important to properly dispose of the dirty wastewater. We strongly encourage you to follow these guidelines for safety reasons.Before disposing of the wastewater, the first step is…
Floor Rental Units

Renting vs. Buying an Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine

This is a question often asked by building managers and owners: "Is it better to rent or buy floor cleaning equipment?".There are a few things to consider. You will need to decide if it's more important to save the upfront costs, but spend…
Floor Cleaning Safety Tips

Safety Tips For Industrial Floor Cleaning

Modern industrial floor scrubbers have certified safety features that are designed to reduce any risks to operators. Still, it is also important to be aware of safety concerns when using industrial cleaning equipment.We've put together some…