Floor Rental Units

This is a question often asked by building managers and owners: “Is it better to rent or buy floor cleaning equipment?”.

There are a few things to consider. You will need to decide if it’s more important to save the upfront costs, but spend more over time. The size of your building is an important factor, as is how much time you are willing to spend maintaining a machine.

When Buying a Floor Cleaning Machine is Best

If you intend to clean your floors regularly, it’s usually best to purchase your own machine. You will likely save money in the long run.

With easy access to your own industrial floor cleaner, you might find that your tendency is to clean more often, which will keep your floors cleaner and in better shape. Besides the long-term savings of the machine itself, you will save money on floor repairs and replacements down the road.

If you opt out of renting and choose to buy an industrial floor cleaning machine, you will also never have the hassle of waiting for the right equipment to become available, if it’s been rented by someone else. There are also no time constraints when you have purchased or leased your equipment.

Another benefit to owning your own machine is ease of use. It’s much easier for a building maintenance manager or janitor to become familiar with a machine that is owned by the building. This is also an important safety consideration. When using the same machine every time, the machine operator will become more accustomed to the appropriate safety precautions for one particular machine.

What to Know When Buying

Before you choose to spend the investment on your own floor cleaner, make sure you buy the one that’s right for your building. For large spaces, you will likely want a ride-on model. A push scrubber is more suitable for smaller spaces.

Different types of flooring will require different treatment. For example, if you have hardwood flooring, you will need a machine with a hardwood setting. Laminate flooring should not be waxed, so you can opt out of this feature if your floors are primarily laminate.

The Benefits of Renting Floor Cleaners

Generally, if you only need floor cleaning equipment for a short time, renting is the better option for you. Even if you need to do a large-scale cleanup, if it only needs to be done every few months, you’re better off renting.

Many construction companies choose to rent because they only use a machine once to clean up after a large job.

Your budget might dictate an initial period of renting before you have enough to invest in purchasing or leasing your equipment.

Some building managers will rent floor cleaning equipment as a trial before purchase. This is an excellent way to find the right fit for your janitorial equipment and there is no commitment if you discover a certain type of machine is not suitable for your floors.

Another convenience of choosing to rent is that you can trust your rental company to properly maintain the machines for you.

If you have any questions when deciding to rent or buy, please contact us for more information or call us at 905-799-KWIK (5945). We’re happy to advise you on the best solution for you.