Clean Floors at Vet Clinic

Veterinary clinics regularly admit pets that are carrying a wide variety of illnesses, including parasites, flees, contagious infections, and skin conditions. While many of these are not necessarily transferrable to humans, many are highly contagious to other animals. It’s extremely important to maintain a sanitary environment to prevent transmittal.

It’s just as important, for the comfort level of pet owners, to properly sanitize your veterinary facilities to reduce odours, pet hair, dirt tracked in from outdoors, and other unwanted debris. Dogs and cats, especially, have a keen sense of smell. Reducing odours from other animals that have passed through your facilities will also help to reduce their anxiety levels, which will improve the overall atmosphere of your clinic.

Floors should be swept regularly, preferably a few times each day to remove fur and dirt. Ideally, examination rooms should be swept after each new visit. The entranceway and waiting room should also be swept at least once per day and ideally more often.

Any accidental pet messes from sick, incontinent, or nervous animals should be cleaned up immediately. Aside from any smells these might produce, they can carry communicable diseases. Any puddles also pose a slip hazard and can compromise the safety of clients and staff. To clean these, use paper towels and an appropriate pet stain product.

In addition to daily maintenance, we recommend using an industrial floor cleaner at the end of each day the clinic is open. Our industrial steam cleaners will handle any stains, debris, or odours remaining from a busy day at your veterinary clinic. The high temperatures of our steam cleaners will also properly sanitize and disinfect each room.

When pet owners enter your clinic and see clean, shiny floors without smelling any strong pet odours they will gain more trust in your facilities. Your reputation will no doubt benefit from daily floor cleaning.