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Ensure you’re using the Appropriate Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine for the Flooring You Have

If you’re in the market for industrial floor cleaning equipment, no doubt you’ve got some serious space to cover and, more often than not, several different types of flooring that may require a different cleaning approach.

Each different flooring surface has a different set of cleaning demands and the flooring material determines the cleaning protocol. Each has different care and cleaning needs.

From hardwood to laminate to tile to carpet, the best, most enduring, floor care is the result of choosing the best equipment and supplies for the job. 

Industrial Cleaning of Hardwoods  

Wood is porous and will absorb liquid if too much is applies, so it’s important to remember when cleaning hardwood flooring that too much water or liquid cleaner can cause permanent damage.

Sweeping regularly is one of the best ways to clean hardwood floors. For larger cleaning needs, ensure that the liquid cleaner is formulated for the type of hardwood you have and that the equipment used utilizes both the detergent as well as water minimally.

Vinyl and Laminate Cleaning

While not as sensitive as hardwood floors, it is still important to limit the amount of water and liquid cleaner used. 

It’s the seams of the floor covering that are tricky! Even a little excess water can seep into the seams of your vinyl flooring and begin to break down and loosen the adhesive. Consequently, your flooring will begin to peel.  

Laminates, on the other hand, will expand if they absorb too much liquid.

Spills must be cleaned up immediately and care must be taken in the choice of industrial cleaning equipment to handle these kinds of flooring materials, ensuring that just washed floors are cleaned and dried quickly.

Cleaning Tile Floors

It’s important that you are knowledgeable of the type of tile your floor is made of. This will be important in determining the industrial cleaning approach, in equipment, product and method. 

It’s not unusual for commercial tile floors to be made of a vinyl composition tile and, as such, require non-abrasive cleansers. It’s true that other types of tile may be more durable, able to withstand harsher detergents, but, be aware, the grout may not!

There is also the problem of grout not sitting level with the tile and can be literally skipped over in the cleaning process. Be certain to choose an industrial cleaning machine designed to accommodate these inconsistencies.

Industrial Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting needs regular, consistent care to stay clean and free of debris and contaminants. In busy sectors, such as hospitals or hotels, carpet care must be a daily effort removing dust and particles that not only make their way into the air, but can also damage the carpet fibres.

Carpeting that receives heavy use also requires regular full cleaning with a powered carpet cleaner, such as our Sandia Sniper Carpet Cleaner that utilizes high suction for superior cleaning effectiveness.

Industrial Cleaning of Concrete Floor 

Unlike commercial carpet that requires steam cleaning a couple of times a year or vinyl tile which needs to be stripped and refinished twice a year or more, polished concrete floors are a relatively low maintenance and durable flooring for commercial use. 

It’s skid resistant, not easily scratched or gouged, and easy to clean. It’s quite ideal in the warehouse and holds up well to heavy foot and machine traffic.

If you have a concrete floor, be sure that it is sealed. Sealing will help with general cleaning and maintenance but will also help prohibit the absorption of staining elements that include spilled liquids as well as engrained dirt particles. A ground and polished concrete floor slab can last a lifetime of use in any office space with minimal maintenance to look brand new. They do, however, also require proper cleaning with specialized cleaning products and the help of the appropriate industrial cleaning machine. 

Cleaning your specific floor in a way that helps prolong the life of your flooring comes down to quality of industrial cleaning product and equipment you choose. We are happy to offer our expertise and experience to help guide you in your decision making to ensure you’re getting the exact tools and products for the job.