KwikFix Depot - Why Your Warehouse Needs A Floor Cleaning Machine

A quality floor cleaning machine is essential for a warehouse. Keep facilities clean and safe while prolonging the life of your industrial floors.

A lot happens in any warehouse. From heavy machinery operation to boxing and unboxing to storage to oozing grease and oil, tracked around by your many busy employees. Warehouse floors can take a lot of abuse!

Keeping warehouse floors clean really is a full-time job. But there’s an efficient alternative if you still rely on the old-school mop and bucket manual approach to warehouse floor cleaning. Advanced cleaning technology in an industrial floor cleaning machine can improve efficiency and cleanliness – without breaking the bank.

Industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers are easier than ever when it comes to operation and maintenance while promoting ecological friendliness. And, with concerns over health and safety amplified thanks to the pandemic, the manual methods you’ve used for so long are no match for a quality floor cleaning machine.

More and more, businesses look to faster, better, easier ways to get the results they want and need. At the same time, they achieve greater satisfaction among employees, customers, and visitors to their facilities, better performance, and far fewer concerns and issues about health and safety – all great for any company’s bottom line.

Why do your warehouse floors need an industrial floor cleaning machine?

A floor cleaning machine brings the cleaning power!

Is it about warehouse floors so clean you can eat off of them? Certainly not! But, compared to manual cleaning methods, a quality industrial floor cleaning machine, such as an industrial floor sweeper or floor scrubber, offers advanced cleaning power – efficiency and cleanliness.

Besides the obvious, the time and labour required, sweeping and mopping by hand inevitably leaves behind dirt, dust, grime, and germs. In many cases, in fact, manual floor cleaning simply spreads debris and germs around.

Commercial floor cleaning with a broom, mop, and bucket is typically a big waste of time and money. An industrial floor cleaning machine, on the other hand, is so much more efficient and, ultimately, cost-effective for a variety of reasons:

  • Rather than simply redistributing dirt, bacteria, and germs and, often, making them airborne, a floor cleaning machine removes and traps grime, dirt, dust, germs, and bacteria.
  • An unclean workplace is detrimental to the health and well-being of employees and visitors. It is often responsible for employees taking time off sick, impacting productivity.
  • Dust, dirt, and grime can impact the lifespan and productivity of your machinery and hardware, resulting in costly replacements and repairs.
  • An industrial floor scrubber provides a constant flow of clean, sanitized water, trapping the dirty water in separate tanks. Unlike a mop and bucket, the dirty water never gets returned to the floor. Warehouse floors are much cleaner and far more hygienic.
  • A clean environment is a safer environment for anyone who enters it. Floor signage is visible, there is a reduction in slip and slide hazards, and the air is cleaner.

Cost savings – time and labour 

If you are still using traditional, manual methods for cleaning warehouse floors, there’s no question that it will be a big financial decision to upgrade to an industrial floor cleaning machine. There will be an initial expense – much higher than a mop and bucket! But it’s really the cost savings over time that will convince you to move forward.

Advanced floor cleaning machines – commercial floor sweepers or floor scrubbers – are significantly more effective, cleaning far better while saving time and money. They clean more thoroughly and faster and are easier to operate effectively than manual methods. For big spaces, what used to take several people in multiple shifts, gets cleaned in a fraction of the time, often with only a single operator. In the long run, you only save money when you replace the old, outdated, and inefficient methods of floor cleaning.

Enhanced health and safety

As previously mentioned, airborne pollutants – dirt, dust, and germs – which are common in many warehouse environments, can pose serious health risks indoors. Their effects on air quality and respiratory health can seriously impact the health and wellness of your staff. It can affect their ability to perform their jobs and maintain an optimum level of work quality. It can also increase costs due to medical absences and health insurance rates.

When you switch to an industrial cleaning machine, however, it helps to significantly mitigate the amount of dust, allergens, and germs on the floor and, in turn, the air, more effectively preventing illness. They also improve the health and safety of the warehouse, effectively minimizing the risk of accidents that involve slipping and falling. When dirt and grime obscure and clutter the environment, it increases the hazards that could cause harm or injury. A fall or slip can cause injury resulting in the temporary or sometimes even permanent loss of valuable employees.

Forklifts and other heavy equipment are difficult enough to stop quickly, even when a concrete floor is clean. When it’s slick with grim or grease, it increases the likelihood of a potentially dangerous, yet preventable, accident. Workers, customers, and other visitors could be in harm’s way. Let alone the potentially costly damage to valuable equipment, the warehouse, and inventory.

The cleanest floors possible aren’t simply about how your facilities look. Clean floors help make your facilities the safest they can be – a healthy, productive environment for everyone in them.

A clean, inviting place 

This brings us to the presentation of your warehouse. When the place is clean – floors are often the first things people notice – customers and prospective customers feel an enhanced sense of professionalism and competency.  On the other hand, floors caked with dirt and grime, including in the corners, or if there is an unpleasant odour, leave a particularly negative impression on visitors.

No matter how well it is that you provide your product or service, the state of your facilities will speak volumes – give the perception that you don’t care enough to maintain a clean warehouse. It doesn’t instil any confidence and can influence whether or not someone wants to work with you. And it will impact your reputation – people talk!

A clean, shiny floor presents a professional image, that you take your business – and the customer’s experience in your business – seriously. Similarly, for your staff. A clean work environment shows your staff that you care about the conditions where they work and, by extension, you care about them. They work there for eight or more hours per day – you want them to want to be there. And be healthy at work.

The right industrial floor cleaning machine is made to do the heavy lifting, cleaning your warehouse floors. It will mean a huge difference to the experience in your warehouse over hand sweeping and mopping. Industrial floor sweepers or scrubbers are designed to make light work of huge cleaning jobs, particularly in a warehouse environment. They clean fast, achieving a deep and thorough level of cleanliness and sanitization, making your facilities safe, healthy, and pleasant for everyone. It’s well worth the initial investment as you save time, labour, and money month after month.