Rider vs walk behind floor cleaning machines

Cost-effectively and easily eliminate grime, dust, dirt, and germs. Depending on your needs, a ride-on or walk-behind commercial floor cleaning machine will do the trick.

Commercial floor cleaning machines – sweepers and scrubbers –provide an easy and cost-effective way to eliminate all of the dust, dirt, grime, and germs that can accumulate in your commercial space. When labour costs make up most of the total costs (a whopping 90%!) to maintain commercial floors, an industrial floor sweeper or floor scrubber is the most efficient and economical way for operators to clean more floor in less time.

When you begin thinking about purchasing a commercial floor scrubber or sweeper, you will have to make a vital decision: rider or walk-behind?

Here are some important points to help you make the best choice for your business or operation:

Walk-Behind vs. Rider

Let’s break down the difference between the two types of machines. Commercial ride-on cleaning machines can improve productivity by as much as 400% compared to manual equipment- but that doesn’t mean they’re the right option for every company. Walk-behind cleaning machines help the operator by providing the forward motion, in turn, allowing them to cover more square footage while helping to reduce user fatigue than manual cleaning processes.

  • Commercial Rider Floor Cleaning Machines
    Probably the biggest deciding factor when it comes to choosing a ride-on floor scrubber or sweeper is the size of the facility that needs to be cleaned. If you have a large space or large spaces to clean, rider scrubbers and sweepers help allow machine operators to cover large areas quickly and easily, with minimal physical effort. A ride-on cleaning machine provides for a 64% increase in operator productivity as compared to walk-behind floor cleaning machines. BONUS: the cost of a rider model can often be recouped in three to six months simply from labour savings.
  • When you should opt for a walk-behind commercial floor scrubber or floor sweeper
    If you have a smaller facility to maintain or if you have tight spaces, narrow hallways or doorways, or perhaps various obstacles to navigate, a more agile and manoeuvrable walk-behind commercial floor cleaning machine is likely the better choice. Walk-behind machines are more effective, too, if you have inclines and ramps. You may have a large area that needs to be cleaned but can’t get your head around the cost of a rider floor scrubber or sweeper machine, a walk-behind is a good option to help minimize cleaning time and costs especially when you make the jump from manual cleaning processes.

3 tips to choose the right commercial cleaning machine for you

  1. Calculate what you’re currently spending on labour and how an increase in employee productivity can balance the expense of a new commercial cleaning machine purchase. Kwik-Fix Depot can help – contact us!
  2. Consider the largest machine that your space(s) can accommodate. Evaluate ALL of the spaces to be cleaned – including doorways, hallways, obstacles, ramps. Keep in mind that larger cleaning machines use larger batteries and are capable of holding more water which increases the time between recharges and refills.
  3. If the decision isn’t clear which commercial cleaning floor scrubber or sweeper you need, please take a look at our rental inventory to get started. We also have a rotating inventory of refurbished commercial floor cleaning machines.

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