Now, more than ever, it’s critical that the cleaning performance of your janitorial staff is better than ever before.

With the demand for increased cleanliness and sanitization in our public and commercial spaces, the cleaning performance of your janitorial staff will be under more scrutiny than ever before. To meet the demand, building owners and managers and janitorial services contractors are looking for the best possible ways to ensure that their teams are elevating their efficiency, productivity, and cleaning performance with each and every clean.

As the cleaning guidelines have stiffened over the past weeks and months, it has become that much more challenging but so much more vital, particularly given the importance of clean, disinfected, and sanitized indoor spaces.

Fortunately, KwikFix Depot and our fleet of state-of-the-art industrial floor sweepers and floor scrubbers can help support your janitorial staff to do the best job possible, in keeping with the increased vigilance of the times.

But how to ensure the best cleaning performance of your janitorial staff?

How do you measure cleaning performance?

A clean environment is a healthy environment. Clean and tidy workspaces have an impact on the productivity and contentedness of staff. It also has a significant impact on their physical and mental health.  Having a clean workspace has been shown to aid in the productivity of all staff. As a result, businesses and organizations maintain big budgets to ensure they are providing the cleanest work environments possible to avoid time lost due to sickness.

Most businesses are used to gauging cleanliness through appearance, customer and employee satisfaction – or absenteeism! – and the amount of time spent by janitorial staff actively cleaning. There is a range of variables in any commercial workplace, making each of the approaches challenging to track accurately. But measuring efficiency is very important – to both your bottom line and the assurance that you have met the criteria of the changing guidelines for cleanliness.

Improve your team’s cleaning performance

There are several ways to help improve the efficiency and productivity of your janitorial team:

Identify and set understandable KPIs

When you identify and set KPIs or Key Performance Indicators for your janitorial staff, it helps to determine where superior cleaning is effectively achieved and where there needs improvement to ensure the space is clean and safe for all who enter in. KPIs are critical when it comes to holding staff and management accountable. Supervisors need to clearly outline expectations –  identify all the areas that need attention, special or otherwise; set detailed criterion for how tasks are to be completed, and identify what the final results should look like. All of these should be identified and conveyed thoroughly and clearly when training new staff. Important to success: regular follow-up and check-ins with the team to ensure everyone is on the same page and the job is being done according to protocols and regulations.

Staffing appropriately and training thoroughly 

Your team should always have the right number of people for the job, contract, or task – the scope of work – to ensure it will be done well without compromising the health and well-being of your staff. They should feel supported with the understanding that they are part of an encouraging team with a common goal – essential for team-building, morale, and, of course, increased productivity.

Appropriate equipment and materials

There’s nothing that will undermine productivity more than your staff having to search for the necessary cleaning supplies or having inadequate equipment to get a job done. Supply shelves or closets should be always fully stocked and cleaning equipment should be appropriate for the task at hand and in good working order at all times.

Consider investing in an industrial floor cleaning machine to maximize labour and resources to keep your business at its very best… and healthiest!

Questions about how you can keep your janitorial team at the top of their game with state-of-the-art commercial floor sweepers, floor cleaners, and floor scrubbers? Rent or own!  Talk to us!