Rent an Industrial Floor Scrubber

Making the right choice in industrial floor cleaner rental really depends on the specific needs of your business. The right partner will rise to meet them!

You may not want to purchase an industrial sweeper, scrubber, or cleaner. If you don’t need it often or don’t have enough storage space, then a rental or equipment lease is the perfect option for you.

So, you’ve made the decision: you’re not going to purchase equipment.  You’re going to rent the cleaning equipment for your facility or business. But how to choose the right cleaning equipment company for you?

Do you look for the company with great online ratings and reviews? Do you consider the company your competition uses? Do you go with the company with the most relevant experience in the field or one that offers a wide range of equipment and services?

These are questions business owners, operations executives, procurement staff and large and small contractors have to ask themselves every day and it’s probably a combination of all of the above.

Kwik-fix Depot meets much of the criteria you’ll consider in choosing an industrial cleaning rental partner — TALK TO US!

A quality industrial cleaning equipment rental company can, and will, react to most rental requests in short order. However, what differentiates an equipment rental supplier from an equipment rental partner is what comes after the rental order is placed.

Quick and Agile Response

Some equipment rental companies are looking for a quick sale. Consequently, if you rent from one of these companies, your equipment arrives and doesn’t work – or isn’t even the equipment you requested? With a simple shrug, they tell you that the replacement for the equipment you requested “should be in-stock in a few days.”

A reputable equipment rental company puts customer satisfaction first, especially once the equipment has been rented. For example, with every equipment rental order at Kwik-fix Depot, you’ll speak with an expert who will take the time to discover your specific needs, ensure the equipment you order is appropriate for the job, and thoughtfully answer any questions you have in regard to the safe and effective operation of that equipment.

If by some chance the rental equipment fails, Kwik-fix Depot offers on- and off-site repair and maintenance to minimize your downtime.
When equipment is returned from the field, our expert technicians thoroughly clean, inspect and service the item, ensuring it’s ready to take on the next job when it arises.

A Selection of Equipment to Meet Your Changing Needs

Not all industrial cleaning equipment rental companies have a good selection of equipment. Your rental partner can adapt to your changing needs and provide the appropriate equipment for the job. Choose a company that specializes in renting only one type of equipment, there’s a good chance you’ll have to seek out another rental company once a need for more equipment arises.

If you need more than one piece of equipment, obviously it makes sense to be able to get it all from one place.

Leading Edge Equipment

It’s important to look for a company that stays ahead of the game with the latest cleaning equipment.

For instance, our wide selection of Tennant industrial floor cleaning machine rentals offers the highly functional, user-friendly, and practical essentials for cleaning large floors. Our floor cleaning equipment rentals complete several functions at once including sweeping, dusting, mopping and drying.

A commercial floor cleaner will leave your floor ready for foot traffic almost immediately and won’t leave any dust behind. The cleanliness of your store, office, warehouse or retail space can leave an awesome first impression to customers or clients when it is maintained well. Our floor cleaners make this a breeze!

Make the right industrial cleaning equipment choice NOW!

Don’t wait until you need equipment. Start developing a relationship with a cleaning equipment rental partner today so that you know exactly where to turn when you’re looking for industrial or commercial cleaning equipment to rent.