KwikFix Industrial Floor Cleaning

Wondering if your facility or warehouse needs to consider industrial floor cleaning over your manual processes? Chances are, yes!

There are many facilities and building managers who already understand the many benefits associated with incorporating industrial floor cleaning equipment into their maintenance.

However, there are still a few who manage their cleaning with old-school methods and processes, believing that traditional is still better.

To help clear up any confusion about the efficacy of industrial cleaning over manual labour, let’s compare:

Industrial Cleaning Equipment promotes Efficiency

The fact is, in this age of automation, it becomes increasingly difficult to argue the efficiency and efficacy of manual processes and manual labour. Simply stated, manual processes tend to be neither.

Working manually takes longer to complete the job and, no matter how good the employee, chances are that dirt and grime may, in fact, remain, sometimes despite best efforts.

While there are indeed some compounds which can be used in conjunction with manual sweeping and scrubbing, these can become quite expensive when dealing with larger spaces.

It’s important to take into consideration that physically handling some of these chemicals and solvents may actually place employees at risk.

Industrial cleaning and floor scrubbing machines present all-in-one solutions meant to take the intensive manual labour out of the equation.

The results tend to be superior, significantly improved, in achieving a much cleaner work environment.

Resolve Issues of Manpower

In order to maintain a large floor area manually, it takes significant manpower and long hours of manual labour. The work can quickly impact business resources due to the sheer size of the floor that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

The time effort required can be problematic even for the largest of companies, and there can be a risk of compromising other core competencies as a result.

Industrial floor scrubbers and cleaning equipment are able to dramatically reduce the amount of manual labourrequired; allowing organisations to keep their focus on other concerns pertinent to the operation and growth of the business.

Cost Savings, Short- and Long-term

Ensuring that a large facility is kept thoroughly clean through manual processes is guaranteed to cost a significant amount of money over time.

The impact on the bottom line for regular manual cleaning should be a concern for companies that might be trying to adhere to a limited budget.

It’s important to note, too, that it’s not unusual for manual methods to disrupt normal operations (such as closing a portion of a warehouse down in order to clean it properly).

Unlike conventional, manual cleaning techniques, industrial cleaning equipment can complete challenging tasks within a short period of time, without risk of sacrificing operations in favour of cleaning time.

Wondering how industrial cleaning equipment and floor scrubbers can improve your bottom line over old school cleaning methods? Please contact us!