preventative maintenance of commercial floor cleaning machines

Save time and money with planned, preventative maintenance of your commercial floor cleaning machines.

To ensure that your commercial floor cleaning machines – floor scrubbers and sweepers – continue to meet the cleaning demands of your business, it’s vital that they are regularly checked and maintained.

Whether your business is big or small, a consistent quality of clean relies on well-maintained floor cleaning machines.

Preventative, or planned, maintenance allows you the peace of mind that your machines are always ready to work for you. The regular servicing, of your commercial floor cleaning equipment on a pre-determined maintenance schedule, ensures that you prevent machine failure and that your commercial floor scrubber and sweeper performs better over the long-term, throughout the working life of the machine.

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Advantages of planned maintenance of your floor cleaning machines

There is a range of advantages when you implement a planned, preventative machine maintenance schedule. Certainly, it will ensure the consistent, ongoing health of your commercial floor cleaning machines. Other benefits include:

  • Longer, more effective cleaning lifecycle – When you keep up with regular floor cleaning equipment maintenance and servicing, it is not only kept at its best for every task, but helps your equipment last much longer, too.
  • A set and predictable schedule – When you adhere to a service and maintenance schedule, you can budget more accurately and predictably. Rather than waiting for a potentially much more expensive breakdown! You’ll also benefit from keeping a history of your maintenance which will help you make much more informed decisions regarding future servicing or even replacement.
  • Reduce risks of unforeseen failure  – If your commercial floor cleaning machines are checked and maintained regularly, you run less risk of unexpected equipment failure or breakdown.
  • Reduce service disruptions – Are you familiar with Murphy’s Law – “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”? And usually at the most inconvenient time! When you keep up with checks regularly, you can stay on top of any small issues before they develop into big, costly ones that throw off your entire cleaning schedule. Avoid cleaning schedule interruptions and delays with planned checks and maintenance.
  • Equipment cost savings – Sudden repairs or replacement can cause serious commercial cleaning cost over-runs. Avoid these additional unexpected expenses by keeping a regular maintenance schedule to ensure your machines are always working at their best. And, yes, there is always the chance of unexpected maintenance on occasion, the odds of a disastrous or inopportune failure are significantly diminished when you keep a maintenance schedule.
  • Ensures the safety of everyone and your floors – A cleaning machine that isn’t properly maintained or functioning can pose risks to the operator or to your floors. A commercial floor cleaning machine that is regularly and properly serviced ensures the machine’s safety, protecting the operator, anyone nearby, as well as your floor surface.
  • Company productivity and image – A well maintained commercial floor cleaning machine – floor scrubber and floor sweeper – that is regularly and consistently checked and serviced only helps to enhance the productivity and image of your business or facility. Cleanliness will help establish a sense of credibility and trust for your clients, employees, and visitors which refects on the care and service the customers believe you’re able to provide. The regular maintenance of your commercial floor cleaning machines will ensure that your spaces are kept immaculately clean and always ready to make a great impression.

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