Industrial Floor Scrubbers for Healthcare Sector

Why are industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers essential tools for the Healthcare industry? Ease and exceptional results.

I think we all expect that healthcare prioritizes superior cleanliness, sanitization, and disinfection.

And certainly, when you consider all of the many surfaces in any healthcare facility, it’s the floors and how clean and sanitized they are, that are vital to help minimize the spread of infection, virus, or disease.

Why are industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers?

And it can’t really be done with the necessary effectiveness without the use of a high-quality industrial floor cleaning machine – industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers.

An industrial floor scrubber has a scrubbing pad or brushes and a tank to hold a combination of water and cleaning solution as well as another tank designed to capture the dirty, soapy solution and reduce the amount of water that remains on the surface of the floor.

An industrial floor sweeper utilized powerful brushes to sweep and collect loose debris and material and deposit beneath the sweeping mechanism. The material collected by the sweeper and is sent into what is referred to as a hopper until it’s ready for disposal. Additionally, there is a vacuum and filter apparatus that collects any lighter debris such as dust and dirt particles and sends them into the hopper as well.

So effective when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness and sanitization of healthcare facility floors, if you haven’t yet invested in a high-quality industrial floor cleaning machine, here are a number of reasons why you should.

Why any healthcare facility should have industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers

To protect the sick and vulnerable. It’s common for many of us who visit a clinic, a regional health unit, or the hospital to suffer from some degree of compromised or weakened immune system due to sickness.

Consequently, if the floor is contaminated with bacteria and germs from other sick patients it is potentially quite harmful and poses a greater risk of spreading infection. And it doesn’t just result from direct contact with the floor. Clostridioides difficile, for instance, is a very potent bacterium that affects the colon. It can remain on a floor for as long as five months and is resistant to disinfectant.

Additional costs. When a facility opts not to use an industrial floor cleaning machine, it can result in significantly increased costs to healthcare administrators. For instance, according to the United Kingdom’s Department of Health, facilities and organizations that neglect to properly sterilize floors against potential infection incur up to approximately $1 billion in extra costs due to unexpected deaths and potential lawsuits, not to mention the damage to their reputations.

Minimizing healthcare-associated infections (HCIs). While it’s difficult to completely eradicate the possibility of floor-based HCIs, particularly if they are resistant to disinfectants, the cleanest floors possible help significantly. It’s important to realize that HCIs don’t just occur in large facilities that see a large volume of patients. They are known to be present in smaller clinics and practices. If you manage a smaller facility and entrust staff or a manual cleaning crew with buckets, mops, and disinfectant, you may not be doing quite enough, particularly during this COVID-19 pandemic. Your clinic or practice may be prone to infecting your patients, presently and in future.

For smaller clinics or practices, an industrial floor cleaning machine might be just what you need to ensure the safest and healthiest facility possible. If you’re not prepared to purchase, a refurbished industrial cleaning machine or a rental industrial floor scrubber or sweeper may make it easier to invest in the thorough cleanliness and disinfection of your facility.

If you make these kinds of decisions at a bigger healthcare operation, you should review your existing cleaning procedures and protocols to ensure you’re implementing as necessary. Additionally, conduct an inventory of your industrial cleaning machines and task your janitorial or maintenance staff to evaluate your existing industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers in case they need to be replaced.

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