Best Used Industrial Floor Scrubber or Sweeper

Save time and money without compromising quality or performance when you invest in a USED industrial floor scrubber or sweeper.

Clean – or unclean! – floors are often the first thing people see when they enter your business. Your floors are a huge part of the first impression you make on visitors and prospective customers. The question is, how can you keep the cleanest floors possible without breaking the bank?

If you’re just beginning to consider how an industrial floor scrubber or sweeper could benefit your business, it’s important to know that there are a range of floor machine options out there. And buying new may not be the best choice for your business. It may be that a used industrial floor scrubber or sweeper is the best choice to improve the cleanliness of your facilities, but also for your bottom line.

An industrial floor scrubber or sweeper will clean your floors in mere minutes compared to the time and effort it takes with a mop and bucket. You’ll enjoy the cleanest floors possible – a deep clean that is thorough, fast, and, of course, automated.

You don’t need to buy new

But a new floor cleaning machine may be out of reach for your business. Consider how a used industrial floor scrubber or sweeper might achieve similar results at a much lower cost. At KwikFix Depot, we provide used, or refurbished, floor cleaning machines that have been expertly restored by our Kwik-Fix Trained Technicians to perform just like new floor cleaning machines.

To help guide your industrial floor cleaning machine purchase, read the guide below to learn how you can choose the very best machine for your budget and business.

Your used industrial floor scrubber or sweeper buying guide

Consider your budget

The primary reason businesses choose a used machine over a new one is, of course, the cost savings. It’s not unusual to save between 20-60% when you purchase a used floor cleaning machine rather than a new one. Great savings without compromising quality or performance!

The life span of the machine

Keep in mind that every used industrial floor scrubber or sweeper will have a different life span. Depending on the age of the machine and the level of use, you can expect the machine to last accordingly. However, given our expert refurbishing maintenance, KwikFix Depot expert technicians work hard to ensure that every machine we sell is ready to serve its new owner for years to come.

That said, there are a few factors that determine the life span of an industrial cleaning machine. The first, as mentioned, is the age of the machine when you purchase and how much use it has had. The other is the type of machine. For instance, a used walk-behind floor machine might last longer than a used ride-on scrubber or sweeper. Some floor machines can take harder, more frequent wear than others.

But, as with any piece of machinery or equipment, the most telling factor in how long a machine will last, is its maintenance over time.

When you begin to search for a used industrial floor scrubber or sweeper, be sure to inquire about the following:

  • How old is the machine?
  • What is the average life span of the particular model you want?
  • How did the previous owner maintain the machine?
  • How did the last owner use the equipment – what kind of business or facilities?

When you have these answers, you’ll understand much better the type of floor cleaning machine you should get. You’ll also know what to expect regarding maintenance requirements, expenses, and the potential life span of the machine.

Availability of parts and maintenance requirements

Regular maintenance is key to enjoying a machine that lasts a long time while continuing to provide the best performance. A maintenance routine lets you manage any problems as they arise, helping to prevent costly repairs and losses due to machine downtime.

Purchase used with a history of regular maintenance, and you’ll have a machine that will serve you well and avoid unnecessary costs. Even an older machine in fair condition, but properly maintained, will perform as good as new. Continue to maintain the equipment and you should enjoy a floor cleaning machine that performs well for years with fewer issues.

KwikFix Depot ensures that all of our used floor cleaning machines have been expertly restored by our expert technicians to perform just like new!

Size of the floor care machine

When you’re looking for an industrial floor cleaning machine, consider the size of your operations before jumping in. Buy a machine that’s too small, and your floors may take too long to clean to make the purchase worthwhile. On the other hand, if you purchase a machine that’s too big, storage may be a problem.

Consult with your dealer exactly the size of the floors you need to clean. Talk to them about the storage space available, and your floor cleaning needs. Both ride-on floor machines as well as those that you walk behind, while typically smaller, come in a range of sizes.

KwikFix Depot can help you find the right used industrial floor scrubber or sweeper for your business – saving you money and time. We provide refurbished Tennant floor cleaners and are constantly adding new machines to our inventory. 

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