Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine Parts KwikFix Depot

Industrial floor cleaning machine parts do wear out. Have them on-hand to prevent loss of time and losses to your bottom line.

The industrial floor cleaning machine parts on your floor cleaning machines will eventually wear out. It’s why they’re referred to as ‘wearables’ to those of us in the know. These ‘wearables’, or your replacement machine parts, include brushes, brooms, pads, squeegees, belts, filters, casters, and more. Really, it’s any part on your machine that is essential to the safe and effective operation of your industrial floor cleaning machine that wears out over time.

Don’t be left hanging with ineffective machine parts that, at best, create sub-standard results or at worst, impact the integrity and even the lifespan of the major components of your floor cleaning machines – the frame, motors, tanks, and electronics.

Fortunately, many of these parts can be replaced by the operator of the equipment – they don’t require an extensive disassembly or reassembly of your floor cleaning machine. Generally, it’s as easy as swapping the old component for a new one.

Can I stock floor cleaning machine parts myself?

Yes. And it makes sense to do so for a couple of reasons: time and money saved. This is a case where an investment in floor cleaning machine parts now saves you in the long run. If you have parts on hand and readily available when your results become lacklustre due to worn out components, the issue can be dealt with immediately without having to leave the job to purchase or wait on delivery.

If you’re not confident in your ability to replace your machine parts, we’re happy to help! CONTACT US about replacement parts and repairs to keep your commercial cleaning machines and equipment in top working order.

What kind of replacement parts should I keep stocked?

The basics should include the most commonly replaced parts on industrial floor cleaning machines. These include replacement brushes, brooms, and squeegees that experience constant contact and friction with the floor. Depending on your level of use, they can wear down more quickly. They are also the parts that are most easily replaced by the floor cleaning machine operator.

Other parts that are good to have in stock are belts, filters, switches, bumper rollers, and casters. Really, the items to have on hand include just about anything that can wear out or break, and impact your cleaning results or the safety and health of your machines. Note that to keep on top of the wear of your machine parts, the operator needs to be aware of how to appropriately operate, review, and care for the machine. This includes daily maintenance and checks that will help your cleaning machine components last longer.

KwikFix Depot recommends that you stay stocked on those components that experience the heaviest wear. We can help you keep your machines working at their best and significantly reduce your downtime.