KwikFix Depot Reduce Cleaning Costs – Your Cost-Saving Guide

Your cleaning budget is probably bigger – or stretched further! – than ever before. But, it doesn’t have to get out of control! A few handy tips to help you reduce cleaning costs.

Since early 2020, no doubt you’ve had to increase your cleaning budget significantly to satisfy increased disinfection and sanitation measures. Of course, you were already cleaning to ensure the health and well-being of your customers, visitors, and employees, but we know the extra precautions have likely added to your cleaning expenses.

The fact is, amping up your cleaning protocols for enhanced health and safety – from more cleaning staff to investing in specialized cleaners, detergents, disinfectants, and sanitisers – has amped up your cleaning costs.

And, as we make our way through what is being referred to as the 4th wave of the pandemic with the Delta and other variants, your cleaning budget isn’t going to get a break any time soon… if ever.

So, given the reality of more stringent cleaning requirements and their associated increased costs, we do have some tips to help you reduce cleaning costs, even as the pandemic continues. Yes, some may require an initial investment, but you can trust they’ll pay off in the long term.

Ensure your janitorial staff is well-trained

You might be surprised providing your janitorial staff can help you reduce cleaning costs. This is an example of paying more now to save money in the long run. When you have well-trained cleaning staff, they will know how to use cleaning products and equipment properly. This understanding will help mitigate issues of misuse or damage, as well as waste, due to lack of education and experience.

Reduce cleaning costs with multi-use products

Some of your facility’s surfaces are going to require specialized care and, therefore specialized products to ensure they continue to look good as well as perform. However, most surfaces are easy to maintain and can be cleaned well and easily with a good quality multi-surface cleaner.

When you use a single multi-surface cleaner – with the appropriate sanitizing and disinfecting power – rather than a variety of more specialized products, it will help you save money as you can purchase multiples, or in bulk. Save money AND keep your supply room well-stocked!

Do not compromise quality for cost-savings

Because chances are, you’ll pay more anyways. Yes, you’ll pay more initially for quality products and equipment. But, in most cases, you get what you pay for – paying more to repair damages or lose business because of the lacklustre performance of your products.

Pay for quality and reduce cleaning costs over the long haul. Quality cleaning products, as well as equipment and machines, are often easier to use, more effective and have a longer life – without the time and effort of lesser quality options. Provide the best in product and watch your team enjoy greater efficiency as they get the job done right the first time.

Additionally, as with many other elements of your business, when you invest in quality it influences how you’re perceived and the trust your customers have in you. Quality = more business!

Purchase concentrated cleaning products in bulk

Check with your cleaning product manufacturers to see if there are discounts available when you buy in multiples or in bulk. For example, when you purchase a five-gallon bucket of concentrate as opposed to a smaller container that is ready to use out of the bottle. To ensure you don’t incur waste – and increased cleaning costs – of your cleaning concentrates, take the time to train your staff while you provide what they need to properly prepare and mix the product.

Consider automation in your cleaning regimen

To save money and time as you further enhance the cleanliness and sanitization of your facilities, automating some practices offers efficiency that you simply can’t achieve conventionally. No matter how talented or hard-working, a janitor cleaning miles of floor with a mop and bucket is just plain limited. Not only is it an inefficient, time-consuming, and back-breaking effort they are likely spreading dirt, germs, and other contaminants around, no matter how conscientious the janitor may be.

Consider replacing the conventional mop and bucket for an industrial floor cleaning machine – floor scrubber or floor sweeper – for instance. Not only will your janitor thank you and be far happier and more effective at work, but it will cut their cleaning time significantly while helping to keep your facilities cleaner and safer than was possible before.

Establish a reordering routine 

To ensure you don’t run short on product, it’s a good idea to establish protocols that keep track of inventory and identify the processes for reordering. When you maintain an organized system of reordering you save the extra cost, and stress, of rush orders, buying retail, or additional shipping to expedite your last-minute order. Determine the level of supply that warrants a reorder before you run out and make a schedule to order new. An added benefit to setting a reordering routine is it gives you time to make alternate plans if a product is unavailable, sold out, or discontinued.

Invest in better equipment or upgrades

Consider how upgrading your equipment might increase efficiency and save you money. Cleaning technology changes and the new features can streamline your cleaning as it provides a deeper, more thorough clean. When you invest in a high-quality industrial floor cleaning machine, you’ll reduce what you pay for labour and make it easier and safer for your janitorial team to do an exceptional job.

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