An Industrial Floor Scrubber – Can You Afford NOT to Rent One?

An industrial floor scrubber offers so many benefits to your appearance, your safety, and your bottom line. Question: can you afford not to rent one?

If you are still relying on a manual cleaning team to manage the cleanliness of your commercial or industrial floors, it may be time to assess how you’re doing things. We understand that the investment of purchasing an industrial floor scrubber or sweeper might not be feasible for many businesses. But buying isn’t your only option.

Renting an industrial floor scrubber might be your best bet to not only improve the cleanliness of your facilities, but improve your business overall.

This may surprise you, but the including an industrial floor scrubber or sweeper rental to your cleaning protocol will actually help make money for your business in the long run. Renting a commercial floor cleaning machine offers a range of benefits that include improving floor cleaning productivity, enhancing the health and safety of your customers and workforce, and save money.

How can I actually save money with an industrial floor scrubber rental?

When you rent or lease an industrial floor cleaning machine, it can provide a huge cost savings each and every month. The savings in labour alone makes it a good business decision.

A person with a conventional mop and bucket can, in theory, mop 5,000 square feet per hour, if they’re working quickly and efficiently. This doesn’t include time to refresh water and clean the mop. However, imagine mopping that much space yourself and how exhausted you’d be. That’s seriously hard work for you or any employee – and to do it thoroughly, properly sanitized and disinfected, is just that much more challenging.

If, as a small business owner, you’re still cleaning your floors manually, or tasking an employee with the job, it’s high time you asked yourself what your time (or theirs) is worth.

  1. Consider productivity. Would an industrial floor scrubber or sweeper rental allow you and your employees to focus your talents and skills more profitably on the operations side of the business rather than cleaning and maintenance?
  2. If you were to spend more time on marketing and business development without worrying about the condition of your floors, would that benefit you business?
  3. If the cleaning of your floors took less time, could you enjoy great work-life balance, renewed, refreshed, and ready for work rather than more exhausted maintaining floor cleaning protocols?

Consider the time, effort, and money a commercial floor cleaning machine rental will save

If you were to include an industrial floor cleaning machine in your facility cleaning regimen, expect fairly significant monthly savings.

For example, a typical 100,000 square foot building means approximately 30,000 square feet that requires cleaning. Sweeping the floors takes about three hours. To mop that amount of space takes approximately six hours more. That’s a full day to ensure the facility is cleaned thoroughly — approximately $120 per day in labour alone.

An industrial floor scrubber will tackle the job in as little as an hour! If you take into consideration a $15/hour wage for the operator — the math is simple. To thoroughly clean 30,000 square feet of floor, you’ll spend only about $15. There’s really no comparison! That’s a savings of almost $1100 per month if you clean the floors three times per week. Depending on your rental or lease agreement, and even after detergent and maintenance costs, that could be a savings of over $500 each month.

Keep your employees safe and healthy

Renting a commercial floor cleaning machine can help protect your customers and employees. As floors are among the dirtiest parts of your facilities, they pose a significant risk to health and safety — and your bottom line. Sickness can impact your business due to time lost and how many employees are infected. Any quality cleaning protocol should begin with the cleanliness of the floors.

A mop and bucket can spread dirt and germs rather than eradicate them. Mopping a bathroom, for instance, and then continuing out into the hallway simply moves the germs from the bathroom out into more public spaces and beyond. An industrial floor scrubber with its consistent supply of clean water, on the other hand, contains germs to the waste tank and does not spread them around.

If you want to boost profits, prioritize cleanliness because a clean and healthy work environment is good for productivity and morale. Additionally, your customers and visitors are more likely to return if your facilities are clean.

Renting an industrial floor scrubber makes sense for a number of reasons – from your budget to the experience your employees and customer have in your facilities. Let us help you make the best rental decision to help you have the cleanest floors possible and save time and money.

Is a commercial floor sweeper or scrubber rental a good choice for your business? Talk to us!

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