Ride-On Floor Scrubber or Sweeper

An industrial ride-on floor scrubber or sweeper can transform the floors of your business – superior cleaning and surprisingly cost-effective!

We know that keeping your business clean has always been a priority for you. We also know that over the past 18 months or so, the definition of proper cleanliness has become just that much more stringent. The fact is, it’s become almost as important as the service or product you provide.

A commercial ride-on floor scrubber or sweeper not only does the job right, helping you to keep your facilities well-maintained, more efficient, and safer but will also save you money in the long run. Commercial floors sustain very heavy traffic – exposed to plenty of grime, dirt, and debris each and every day. This kind of volume makes it very challenging to maintain proper cleanliness and shine when you rely on traditional cleaning implements such as the old mop and bucket.

When you use a ride-on floor scrubber or sweeper, it’s a whole lot easier to maintain the quality, condition, and cleanliness of your floors. Need more convincing? Here are five great reasons you should be using a ride-on floor scrubber or sweeper to keep the floors of your business at their very best.

  1. Clean your floors faster. Get this: a ride-on floor scrubber or sweeper can clean as much as 20,000 square feet per hour – so much faster than traditional methods! This is sure to cut the cleaning time of any commercial space which means big savings on labour. An industrial floor cleaning machine also holds large amounts of cleaning solution successfully eliminating frequent refills, helping to further reduce the time it takes to clean your floors.
  2. Clean a much larger space, much more efficiently. A typical ride-on floor scrubber or sweeper is self-propelled. This power enables the machine and operator to cover a much larger space, certainly than a conventional mop, but also a walk-behind floor machine in far fewer rounds. Fewer rounds to clean your floors means greater efficiency with less labour, no matter how big your space.
  3. Increased productivity of cleaning staff. Compared to traditional floor cleaning methods, industrial floor cleaners offer operating staff far more efficiency, and therefore productivity. They can clean faster, more easily, and far better and more thoroughly, without getting exhausted. Your staff will have the energy and time to give attention to other necessary tasks that might otherwise be overlooked due to too much time spent cleaning floors. Specialized cleaning solutions and a powerful machine remove dirt, grime, and debris with ease, making for the cleanest floors possible with much less labour and effort.
  4. Quicker drying times. You don’t want wet floors to keep visitors, customers, and employees from moving around your business freely. Or traffic through your facilities muddying up damp floors. When your floors are cleaned with an industrial ride-on floor machine, you can rest assured that foot traffic can resume in short order without further dirtying your floor surfaces. A ride-on floor scrubber distributes water inside the brush and makes far more efficient use of the cleaning solution. The squeegee, in concert with the machine’s powerful built-in vacuum system, more thoroughly recovering the water, leaving the floors almost dry.
  5. Save money! When you choose an industrial-grade machine, you are sure to save significantly on cleaning supplies, tools, and the biggest expense, manpower, to maintain your floors. A ride-on scrubber or sweeper help get the job done well, in a fraction of the time even with a cleaning team, with only one operator.

Industrial floor equipment is ideal for just about any type of commercial operation, no matter the sector. Yes, ride-on machines will require an initial investment – new, refurbished, or rental. But, over time, it is sure to pay for itself.

Is a ride-on floor sweeper or scrubber right for your business? Talk to us!

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