Invest in a Refurbished Industrial Floor Scrubber or Sweeper

Investing in a refurbished industrial floor scrubber or sweeper will help you cut costs without compromising reliability and cleaning capacity.

We are already well aware of how an industrial floor scrubber or sweeper can enhance any company’s cleanliness, sanitization, appearance, and bottom line.

But, did you know? It doesn’t have to be a new machine! More and more, companies – no matter the size or sector– that prioritize the cleanliness of their facilities are happy to purchase a refurbished industrial floor sweeper or scrubber to get incredible results.

And for good reason: an investment in a refurbished industrial floor sweeper or scrubber is one of the best ways to cut costs without cutting cleaning effectiveness or power.

What do we mean by ‘refurbished’ industrial floor scrubber or sweeper?

According to Merriam-Webster – Refurbish means “to brighten or freshen up”.

At KwikFix Depot, refurbished can mean a machine that has been returned to us unopened and unused. It also includes an industrial floor cleaning machine that has been used but meticulously restored by expert technicians to its original condition. In the case of a KwikFix Depot refurbished industrial cleaning machines, they’ve been fully restored to work as good as new and to last for many years to come – just like new!

It’s not unusual for company cleaning decision-makers to have some hesitation about purchasing a refurbished machine. It might feel like too big a risk.

Concerns about reliability or the machine being more prone to malfunction or break down or even compromised performance are primary fears. And these fears can be founded with things like electronics and other devices. With a commercial floor cleaner, however, there is no reason to fear. Certainly, KwikFix Depot can reassure you that our cleaning machines are restored expertly and thoroughly by our specially trained technicians who rebuild them to like-new condition.

Why a refurbished machine is a great choice:

Buying an industrial floor scrubber or sweeper is a big financial commitment, new or used. We know this. But we also know, as do our growing legion of satisfied clients, that it’s an investment that’s well worth it as they see it pay off in many ways over the long term.  

Here are three reasons a refurbished machine could be the best choice for your business:

  1. The biggie: cost. The primary reason to opt for a refurbished commercial cleaning machine is over brand new is the price. You will save significantly when you choose a used machine over a comparable new one while the machine provides you with a similar lifespan. Another huge factor in the costs associated with commercial cleaning is labour. With the addition of an industrial floor cleaning machine to your cleaning protocols, labour costs can be dramatically reduced. Get this – even the addition of a smaller walk-behind floor cleaner can result in as much as 20 times faster and more efficient cleaning than the good old mop and bucket. Investing in a refurbished cleaning machine can literally save you thousands of dollars each and every year.
  2. Your employees, customers, and visitors will see that your business takes the cleanliness, safety, and health of the environment very seriously. When you provide the best possible surroundings where people feel comfortable and safe, it only reflects positively on the image and values of your company. Make a great impression as you benefit your bottom line!
  3. You can also take advantage of the benefits of brand recognition. We only offer the best in industrial cleaning brands, new or used. And when you buy a refurbished industrial floor scrubber or sweeper from KwikFix Depot, you can trust the reputation of the company that stands behind it, without paying full price brand new.

Trust in the quality of workmanship with a KwikFix refurbished floor cleaning machine

At KwikFix Depot, our team of expertly trained service technicians takes every care to ensure that each of our refurbished industrial floor cleaning machines is always meticulously serviced, repaired, and restored. Our machines undergo thorough testing to ensure they will reliably deliver to our customers’ optimum dependability and performance as they stand the test of time.

Our reconditioned floor cleaning machines undergo various tests to ensure they are in exceptional working order and will last for years to come. Expect that the exterior of the machine will appear used but that the vital inner workings –  the machine and its parts – have been replaced and/or restored to a condition that is as good as new.

Yes, your refurbished machine might be used, but with KwikFix Depot you can count on any of our machines to perform as you need when you need, as it meets the cleaning demands of your business for many years.

Consider your cleaning needs and your budget to make the best decision for your business.

Are you thinking about the purchase of a refurbished industrial floor scrubber or sweeper? Talk to us!