Clean and Sanitize Large Floors

How to keep your large floors the cleanest and most sanitized possible? An industrial floor cleaning machine

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for thorough cleaning and sanitizing. Yes, that means surfaces like desks and countertops, but also doorknobs and switchplates. It also means your floors. Which can be particularly challenging if you have a facility with large floors.

Even before the pandemic, clean floors were essential for controlling germs and infection. And, they may not be as high-touch as the other surfaces, floor contaminants can transfer to them quite easily. Dirt, dust, and germs can be kicked up or transported via carts and other equipment and distributed to the other more high-touch areas. The fact is, anything off the floor will likely carry contaminants with it.

The way to prevent contaminant and germ transfer from the floor to other surfaces is to keep your floors clean. Even better if your floors are cleaned with an industrial floor cleaning machine or scrubber. Especially if the floors are large.

Why clean large floors with an industrial floor cleaning machine?

It’s obvious, yes, but it’s amazing how many facilities still rely on the classic mop and bucket to clean their floors. But, the fact is, the most effective – the fastest and safest – way to clean any floor no matter the size with is with an industrial floor sweeper.

An industrial floor cleaning machine offers four distinct advantages:

  • Highly effective. A mop simply cannot adequately remove contaminants and germs. It merely spreads them around, truth be told. Canadian researchers found that cleaning with floors with a mop is, essentially, just “the daily painting of hospital floors with thick suspensions of…organisms.” Ick! An industrial floor scrubber, by contrast, cleans and then extracts the grime, dirt, and harmful contaminants effectively and with far less effort.
  • Better hygiene. Consider how long mop water stays clean. Not very – really, only until the first time the mop goes into it. With every dip of the dirty mop, contaminants, dirt, debris, and germs are added to the water and then back to the floor. An industrial floor scrubber is the best way to ensure that nothing by clean water and cleaning detergents go back onto the floor with each pass.
  • Enhanced safety. A wet, freshly mopped floor is a dangerous one. A damp or wet floor increases the risk of accidents involving slip and fall. A floor scrubber cleans and dries in one pass, preventing a wet or even damp floor.
  • Better productivity. Even if mop and bucket were a safe and effective way to clean your floors, it’s among the least productive. There’s really no comparison when it comes to the efficiency and productivity of a floor cleaning machine and that of a simple mop. An industrial floor scrubber or sweeper can clean more area, many times faster than any manual method. As a result, there is significant time and effort saved by the operator, which is a huge plus to your bottom line.

A floor cleaning machine such as an industrial floor scrubber can provide the very cleanest, sanitized, and healthy floors possible. Find out how one of our floor care machines can transform your floors, no matter the size.

Consult with us about the size of the floors you need to clean and your greater floor cleaning needs. We carry both ride-on floor machines and walk behind. Find out what’s best for you.

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