industrial floor cleaning machine for large buildings. Ride on sweeping machine

There are a variety of industrial floor cleaning challenges that make business owners and managers crazy. Here’s how to overcome them!

You get in the floor cleaning groove – a routine that helps keep your floors safe, clean, and looking good. But we know that there are various challenges you often encounter that can be difficult, even frustrating, to manage. Issues of heavy soiling, small, awkward spaces, wet floors, and moving from different surfaces to different surfaces. Every facility is unique and poses its own daunting cleaning challenges.

We’ve got good examples of common industrial floor cleaning challenges. And how your industrial floor cleaning machines can help you can conquer them.

Wet floors and significant foot traffic

Cleaning the floors is pretty straightforward when you can get in at night when the place is empty. It’s entirely another when you have to maintain the floors and keep them safe during office hours. Industrial floor cleaning is far more complicated during the day. Particularly when you take into consideration seasonal issues such as rain, snow, and muck. Industrial floor machines that tackle picking up water, leaving your floors safe and dry, and preventing slip-and-fall risks become necessary.

Industrial floor cleaning – carpets

Many facilities have carpet as their primary floor covering. This can pose a serious floor cleaning challenge. Keep those carpets and rugs in high-traffic areas safe and clean with a floor cleaning machine best suited to carpeted areas.

Tight, small spaces

For those awkward spaces – tight and cramped and oddly shaped – you might have resigned yourself to cleaning those floors with a mop and bucket. But you don’t have to. There are floor cleaning machines designed to deftly navigate tight quarters. They’re also very efficient, cleaning surfaces with fewer chemicals in far less time than you can with a mop and bucket.

Polished concrete floors

When you have a polished concrete floor, it’s assumed it will be low maintenance. And they are, but they’re not zero-maintenance. Polished concrete quickly loses its lustre if it’s not cleaned and maintained regularly. Additionally, if spills don’t get cleaned quickly, they can stain the surface permanently or erode the floor’s finish. Depending on the level of gloss or finish, polished concrete floor care solutions can vary but there are great options to ensure that your concrete floors are always smooth and shiny without a lot of labour and time.

Warehouse floors

Warehouses have always provided a necessary role in industry. But, in the past couple of decades, thanks to what is referred to as “the Amazon Effect”, there’s been a veritable explosion in third-party logistics (3PL) warehouses. From a cleaning perspective, these warehouses can pose unique industrial floor cleaning challenges.

Approximately 80% of the soils found in a 3PL warehouse or distribution centre are dry – dust and dirt – creating unique hazards for employees and potentially causing damage to inventory. There are fast, efficient and highly effective floor cleaning machines that  keep warehouse floors spic ‘n span without interfering with order fulfilment.


The majority of floor cleaning activity occurs after hours in schools. Occasionally, in the event of weather-related messes, a floor machine is necessary during school time. Fortunately, there are floor cleaning machines that offer a superior clean but at a low decibel level – as low as that of a home dishwasher – to minimize distraction.

Hospitals and Clinics

More than just efficiency, cleaning the floors of medical facilities prioritizes health and safety. The presence of biomatter presents very specific cleaning challenges and risks, where daily floor cleaning protocol is a critical part of an infection control program. The National Institute of Health has documented very well the potential for pathogen contamination of environmental surfaces in patient rooms. There is a wide range of floor cleaning machines for the healthcare industry, designed to address both the cleaning demands and the risks, helping to keep patients and visitors, staff, and janitorial and cleaning teams healthy and safe.

Inadequate staffing

A common issue, with budget cuts and shift reductions and record-low unemployment, more businesses and organizations face the challenge of how to maintain the cleanliness of their facilities. They have to find ways to do it in less time and with fewer people.  Industrial floor cleaning machines, often requiring only one operator, have always been a great solution to address staffing and efficiency issues. With a quality industrial floor sweeper or scrubber, organizations can maintain a high standard of cleanliness, health, and safety that stakeholders, employees, customers, and visitors expect – in less time with a smaller workforce. Manpower hours that would have been dedicated to tedious mop and bucket schedules are effectively redeployed toward critical high-touch areas.

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