KwikFix Depot Healthcare Facilities Need Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines

Quality industrial floor cleaning machines are essential to any healthcare facility to promote health, safety, and trust.

It might surprise you to learn that of all the surfaces in any healthcare facility, what is most vital to keep meticulously clean is the floors.

Keeping the cleanest floors possible is integral to ensuring that a facility avoids the further spread of infection and disease. And it’s nearly impossible to achieve without industrial floor cleaning machines such as an industrial floor scrubber. If your facility cleans floors with a mop and bucket or if you’re dissatisfied with a lacklustre machine, read on for three reasons quality floor cleaning equipment is essential to health, safety, and the reputation of your facilities. 

1. Vulnerability to bacteria and virus – illness!

The first reason to have an industrial floor cleaning machine is to most effectively clean and disinfect bacteria and viruses. Early in 2020, as the pandemic took hold, expectations of cleanliness changed quickly. From ceiling to floor, we became very aware of the threat of viruses, how they spread, and how fast. Visible cleanliness is one thing, but now it’s about what we cannot see. How vital thorough and effective sanitization and disinfection of what’s invisible to the naked eye are to health and safety in health facilities.

It’s an enhanced awareness of cleanliness and disinfection, and the risks to public health aren’t going away. All businesses, not just those with a focus on healthcare, will continue their heightened cleaning protocols. That includes cleaning floors as thoroughly as possible.

When it comes to healthcare facilities, the fact is, many of us go to a clinic or hospital when we’re feeling bad. That often means we have a weakened immune system, leaving us vulnerable to illness. Treatment in a space where the floors are contaminated increases the possible risk of infection. Even beyond COVID-19, many bugs, bacteria and viruses can live on an unclean floor. Some bacteria can live on floors for as long as five months! From the floors, they make their way onto socks and into the bedding of patients.

2. Minimizing the likelihood of HCIs with industrial floor cleaning machines

In some cases, healthcare-associated infections (HCIs) are resistant to disinfectants. Consequently, they might not be eliminated on floors through the cleaning solution alone. It’s not just clinics and hospitals, those facilities that manage larger volumes of patients that can be contaminated with HCIs. You can find them in small practices, too.

The cleaning team may use a bucket and disinfectant-laden mop, but it often isn’t enough to minimize harmful contaminants. They simply push it around the floor. Only an industrial floor cleaning machine can effectively clean, disinfect, and thoroughly remove bacteria and viruses that can lead to infection and illness. Machines, over manual floor cleaning, significantly minimize the conditions that can lead to the spread of illnesses.

3. Added expenses

When a facility doesn’t use an industrial floor cleaning machine, it can cause significant cost increases for healthcare administrators. According to the United Kingdom’s Department of Health, those organizations that don’t effectively clean their floors to protect against HCIs rack up almost $1 billion in costs. The cost overruns are the result of sudden deaths and lawsuits. Not to mention the costs to their reputations and the trust of patients.

Administrators and managers need to regularly review their cleaning protocols, including their approach to floor cleaning. Janitorial staff should also conduct routine reviews of current procedures, including any existing cleaning equipment.

For small healthcare practices, particularly those with smaller budgets, there are great leasing or pre-owned machine options to help you meet the budgetary demands while still keeping your floors as clean, healthy, and safe as possible.

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