KwikFix Depot Ride-on vs Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Choose the right industrial cleaning equipment for your needs. Both our walk-behind and ride-on versions provide the best in cleaning and efficiency, but which is best for you?

As Ontario’s leading supplier of industrial floor cleaning equipment, Kwik-Fix Depot Ltd. prides itself on providing the highest quality cleaning solution to fit your individual needs. This includes helping you make the right decision regarding your choice for the most appropriate equipment.

Commercial floor sweepers and scrubbers are a cost-effective way to eliminate dirt, dust, grime, and germs. Labour costs represent about 90% of the total cost to maintain floors, and an industrial cleaning machine allows operators to clean more in less time.

Which is the right choice for you and your business or organization? Read on for a helpful comparison between our two main types of machines: walk-behind and ride-on to assist you in making the most informed decision.

Walk-Behind Industrial Cleaning Sweepers & Scrubbers

Kwik Fix Depot Walk-behind scrubber

Helping to reduce fatigue, increase productivity and allowing operators to cover more floor compared to manual equipment, walk-behind machines assist the operator with forward motion.

But, while ride-on machines improve productivity by 400% compared to manual equipment they aren’t necessarily right for every business.

Walk-behind machines have a smaller footprint than their ride-on counterparts, so if the area to be maintained is smaller and/or includes narrow doorways or numerous obstacles, a walk-behind machine is usually the right choice.

They’re also better for areas with inclines, ramps, or buildings that lack an elevator.

A walk-on machine can provide greater flexibility for certain types of buildings and floorplans. Additionally, they are often considered a better option for certain floor types such as particle floor types.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of walk-behind scrubbers is that they are typically a more economical option for buildings with less space to cover.

Ride-on Industrial Cleaning Sweepers & Scrubbers

KwikFix Depot Ride-on Scurbbers rent or own

Ride-on machines can help you to clean relatively large spaces in less time.

The primary reason clients opt for a The main reason customers choose a ride-on sweeper or scrubber is because they have a large facility to clean.

Ride-on sweepers and scrubbers allow operators to make the most of every shift – covering large areas with minimal effort and greater comfort.

Ride-on floor cleaning machines offer a 64 percent increase in productivity versus powered walk-behind machines, and the cost of a ride-on vs. a walk-behind model can typically be recouped from labor savings in three to six months.

Rule of thumb: choose the largest machine your space can accommodate. Bigger machines can carry more water and use larger batteries – increasing the time between refills and recharging. Evaluate the space for narrow doorways, ramps, and obstacles.

Calculate the current labour cost and how an increase in worker productivity can offset the expense of buying a new machine.

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