janitorial floor cleaner rental

If you own your own janitorial service, you may be surprised to learn that renting, not owning, your industrial floor scrubber might be a great way to go!

To increase the bottom line and minimize stress, janitorial service owners and operators may want to consider renting some or all of their industrial floor cleaning equipment rather than buying, particularly when first starting out.

Regardless of the type of floor – linoleum, wood, tiles or concrete – a floor scrubber is so useful especially when the floors require extensive maintenance. But, if you can’t yet afford the capital investment up front or if you’re not yet ready to jump into a big purchase, or if you can’t yet afford the capital investment up front, renting is an ideal way to keep up with cleaning in a fast and efficient wayHere are five good reasons why renting a floor scrubber is a great alternative:

Save money on labour. Industrial grade equipment saves significant costs on cleaning supplies, tools, and one of the biggest expenses, manpower, to maintain floors. Scrubbers can get the job done in a fraction of the time it can with a cleaning crew, and with only a single operator.

Flexibility. Renting offers company flexibility, allowing it to easily adapt to business fluctuations, and, depending on a company’s financial strategy, rent payments can be considered an operating expense

Perfect for infrequent jobs.  Renting is helpful and more economical, too, when use is more infrequent (less than a handful of times per year) and seasonal, for annual deep cleans and spring cleaning, for instance. A rental may also be more appropriate for smaller buildings and facilities that seldom require cleaning.

Explore floor equipment options. If you’re considering an industrial cleaning equipment purchase, but aren’t clear on your needs, renting allows you the opportunity to explore your options before you buy. For instance, do you need a push scrubber, or would a ride-on better suit your needs. Opting to rent gives you the chance to see which machine will be the better fit for your cleaning requirements.

Repair and maintenance. If you choose a floor scrubber rental, the supplier takes care of any repair and maintenance requirements.

Save on storage space. Rentals can be delivered to the worksite, saving you on providing the adequate storage space that you simply may not have. It can also be a good way to avoid paying for equipment storage, particularly if contract circumstances change.

Replacement of old units. Cash saved from making a significant capital outlay on equipment that may not yet be needed can be put towards upgrading existing rental models with more advanced features.

Whether you need machines for a short period of time or want to supplement your current fleet, consider Kwik-fix Depot floor cleaning equipment for your commercial and industrial needs; indoors and out. Keep in mind, some of the most popular reasons for renting cleaning equipment include:

  • Commercial construction cleanup
  • Backup for existing equipment
  • Cleaning for open houses
  • Post-event cleanup
  • New project start-ups
  • Seasonal cleaning
  • Budget constraints
  • Time-sensitive need/sense of urgency