6 Industrial Floor Cleaning Trends 2022

Industrial cleaning during the pandemic brought new protocols and guidelines, setting new, and lasting, standards.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, industrial cleaning and the cleanliness and sanitization of facilities have been thrust into much clearer focus for most companies. And for good reason.  COVID-19 has alerted us all to the importance of vigilance when it comes to how we clean – and the quality of that clean – to ensure health, wellness, and safety for employees, customers, and visitors.

Early on, industrial cleaning was about adaptation, making changes on the fly to meet ever-changing requirements and demands. But, as we’ve settled into wave after wave, the renewed stringency of measures has moved us into a “new normal”, with new protocols and standards instituted to protect public health and safety long term.

Even two years in, we can still expect to see more changes. And the rate of change will likely accelerate, particularly when it comes to industrial floor cleaning to keep facilities as healthy as possible. Take a look at the trends that these pandemic times have helped advance for 2022 and beyond:

The primary goal for maintaining clean facilities? To inspire confidence!

In 2022, a huge challenge for business owners, building managers, and cleaning crews will be inspiring the confidence of the customers, employees, and visitors of your facilities. Can you assure them that they will be safe and healthy inside your building?

As businesses and organizations work hard to encourage people back into their facilities, establishing that sense of confidence is critical. And surges of COVID-19 variants don’t help. Consequently, it’s the cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting protocols, properly instituted, that will help instil a sense of confidence in health and safety. From the reception area to the breakroom and restrooms to the company kitchen and all the surfaces in between. It’s confidence in the thorough cleanliness throughout the facility that will win the day.

And this includes floors. too! Keep in mind, infection droplets coughed or sneezed into the air inevitably settle on the floor. Someone then walks on that floor and picks the virus upon the soles of their shoes, tracking it to other areas – and to other public places and their home. Removing the shoes spreads to their hands, then to their face, and so on.

It’s as important to clean, disinfect, and sanitize the floors as it is the other high-touch surfaces. Industrial floor cleaning machines are an integral part of the inspiring confidence equation.

Higher industrial cleaning standards

For so long, keeping clean facilities with a focus on industrial cleaning has been about the perception – the impression – you provide to anyone who enters your doors. And how that perception impacts your business. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the focus has changed. Rather than simply how your facilities look, it’s about how the public feels when they enter your building. Are you helping them feel a sense of confidence that they are safe within your walls?

The fact is, expectations of cleanliness have changed. From floor to ceiling. People are hyper-aware of viruses and how they spread and the visible cleanliness and sanitization of your facilities is how they gauge not only your sense of responsibility to them but the quality of your business, too.

This awareness of cleaning and disinfection and the risks to public health isn’t going to simply fade away. Regardless of the status of COVID-19 and its variants. Businesses will have to continue their heightened cleaning protocols, including industrial floor cleaning. The changes instituted as part and parcel of meeting the expanded public demand for higher cleaning standards. While ensuring the ongoing health and safety of their facility environments.

Staffing is a significant challenge

We continue to hear about how challenging it is for businesses to find staff. And that includes the cleaning industry. The heightened awareness of health and safety leads workers to look for roles that are of lower risk. As a result, businesses need to create strategies to draw workers and keep them, but also to utilize tools that minimize their need for additional staff.

Industrial floor cleaning machines help fill that gap. Often requiring only one operator, industrial floor sweepers and scrubbers are easy to use and cut down floor cleaning time significantly over manual methods. They’re also much more effective than a mop and bucket at containing contamination rather than spreading it around with a mop. Which leads to…

Industrial cleaning automation: the practical and economical choice

Changing your cleaning protocols to include industrial floor cleaning machines such as floor sweepers and floor scrubbers, is often the easiest way to improve not only the quality of clean but also the efficiency.

As mentioned, it helps solve the issue of labour. But, it’s often the most practical – cost-effective and easy to execute — choice for many businesses. Industrial cleaning machines help improve the standard of cleanliness and sanitization, quickly and easily throughout your facility.

An enhanced cleaning program better reflects your company values

No longer is a professional cleaning team or industrial floor cleaning machines merely for appearance. Motivated by employee and consumer demand, businesses better support and promote their brand values and mission. Offering the cleanest and safest facilities possible, to provide for the health and wellness of their teams and customers helps to define the “why” behind enhanced cleaning regimens.

It’s a values-based, people focus that supports employee wellness, visitor safety, and responsible corporate citizenship. Ultimately, it provides benefits to company culture, your bottom line, and beyond.

Looking to sustainability

Included in the values-based approach that enhanced cleaning protocols support, is sustainability. Sustainable cleaning practices are also in greater demand by employees and customers.

Expect that more commercial cleaning programs will include a greater focus on ecological friendliness – reduced water and energy use. Sustainability will also require cleaning products that are ecologically conscious, but also pose zero risk to the teams using them or the employees and guests that inhale them in the work environment.

As businesses transition to a sustainable approach to cleaning, they can include this in their promotion and marketing, part of their values-based campaign, again serving their bottom line as they serve the people within their organization.

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