Vactec 40 Whisper 49Db

The VacTec C60 is a popular vacuum for three main reasons:
1. Power
2. Durability
3. Wet & Dry Use.

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Product Description

Vactec 40 Whisper 49Db

A powerful 1.6 true horse power (not “Peak” horse power) motor that is designed for both wet and dry recovery.  In case any moisture gets sucked up into the motor it is safely blown out of the sides of the head to prevent motor damage.  This commercial grade motor, designed for heavy duty use rotates at 23,400 rpm while remaining very quiet – 62 dB.  The C60 has a larger 21L recovery capacity.

For wet pick-up a special screen filter is included to protect your motor from sucking up dirt and foam.  For dry recovery each VacTec has a 3 dimensional jogger filter that is washable.  This filter is made of a 3D felt like material to prevent clogging while having a long lifespan because it is washable and easy to shake out.  For added filtration recovery bags may be used.