Tennant T3 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

  • Just-scrubbed floors are quickly clean, dry and safe for traffic with ec-H2O™ and FaST® technologies
  • Quietly clean noise-sensitive environments with an OSHA-recognized 68.5 dBA
  • Easily cleanable, Hygenic® solution and recovery tanks


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Product Description

A high-performance scrubber to match your higher standards with ec-h2O™ or fast® technology.

Improve environmental health in your facility

Exclusive Hygenic® tanks allow for easy access and help reduce mold, bacteria and other contaminants that can grow in enclosed tanks.

Clean any time

Quiet operation means more flexible cleaning schedules.

don’t leave behind cleaning solution

Even around 180-degree turns, the T3’s equal-pressure, parabolic squeegee recovers cleaning solution from the floor.

Engineered for Safety

Minimize the risk of slip-and-fall injuries with clean, dry, and safe floors by scrubbing with ec-H2O™ and FaST® technologies.

Reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. Ergonomic design makes cleaning with the T3 more comfortable.

Increase scrubbing effectiveness and quality. Clear sight lines and simple controls mean operators can focus solely on their cleaning environment.