Floor Cleaning Machine Repairs, Parts and Replacements

We can do floor cleaning machine repairs and replace brushes, squeegees, filters and batteries.

We carry a large variety of floor cleaner machine parts. If you need your machine repaired or serviced, on site or in house, we can help. Our primary service area is in Brampton, Ontario, but we also serve the greater Toronto area.

Leading floor cleaning equipment manufacturers and our customers trust us to get the job done right. We carry parts for the following machine manufacturers:

floor cleaning equipment companies

Tennant, Nilsfik Advance, Windsor, Nobles, Onyx & Pioneer Eclipse

Floor Cleaner Brush Replacements

While many machines are built to last, some parts will need to be replaced from time to time, like brushes and squeegees. There are two kinds of brushes; wheel brushes and cylinder brushes. Both brush types scrub floors and pick up debris. Over time, the brush bristles will start to lose efficiency. Give us a call to arrange a brush replacement or installation. If you’d like to install it yourself, we can help you order the right replacement brush for your machine.

Floor Cleaner Squeegee Replacements

The squeegee is designed to pick up any remaining water and dirt that the brushes may have left behind. It is the part of your machine that gives you that finished flawless vacuum finish. Like the brushes, the squeegee may lose efficiency over time. When new, the edge of the squeegee is sharp and will become dull over time. You can extend the life of your squeegee by turning it around and using the back edge. Once both edges are dull, give us a call to arrange a squeegee replacement or to get help ordering the right part for your machine.

Floor Cleaner Filer Replacement

Some models of machines have filters to help enhance air quality. If your model has a filter, it will need to be replaced periodically. If you are unsure about your model, or need help with your filter replacement, please contact us for assistance.

Floor Cleaner Battery Replacement

Battery powered machines create a safer, C02 free work environment and are generally designed to last for many years. There are a number of different battery types to choose from so it can be confusing. If you do find that you need a battery replacement, give us a call to ensure the right battery for your machine is ordered.

Contact Us for More Info About Our Floor Cleaner Repairs, Part Replacements and Installation Services

Though our machines are built to last, nothing truly lasts forever. At some point you will need floor cleaning machine repairs done, a parts replacement or perhaps a new floor cleaner. Contact us and we will get your equipment working again. If your machine requires a lot of repairs, we also offer floor equipment rentals. To get more information about us or anything else please email us or call us at 905-799- 5945.