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Does your industrial floor scrubber need servicing? Look for these 5 signs that your machine may need expert, professional help!

Many of our customers’ facilities require frequent intense industrial floor cleaning. They need a professional-grade machine to help prevent the buildup of debris, grime, germs, and bacteria. Consequently, they need to be aware of the signs that their machines require servicing or may be due soon to prevent inadequate performance or lost cleaning time.

Industrial floor scrubbers effectively help to maintain safe and clean facilities. They effectively and thoroughly pick up dirt and debris with vacuum suction technology. It then washes it away with industrial-grade squeegees for a scrubbed and spotless finish. If you rely on an industrial floor scrubber to keep your offices, retail, commercial, or industrial spaces clean and safe for your customers and employees, you know how important it is to keep your machines in top working order. And that means regular servicing and maintenance.

Even when you keep up with the maintenance of your machine, there may be a time when you notice when your industrial floor scrubber underperforms. But, don’t panic! It doesn’t necessarily mean you must replace your machine.

A knowledgeable and expert team can help provide you with the necessary parts and service. But, before you reach out, review the following five signs to confirm if your industrial floor scrubber needs professional servicing.

1. Reduced industrial floor scrubber run time

One of the most common issues with an industrial floor scrubber is the battery. Issues with the machine’s battery will diminish the run time of your machine over time. For facilities that need their machines to run long and hard most days of the week, you can expect that the battery will need replacing at one time or another.

For intense use, the battery will inevitably drain more quickly, and unfortunately, this negatively impacts the machine’s run time. And, if debris or dirt gets caught or wound around the industrial floor scrubber’s brushes will limit their mobility and force the machine to work just that much harder, unnecessarily.

No matter how little or how much your use your scrubber, consistent checks and maintenance of the batteries are essential to maximizing the run time and performance of your machine. Trained and knowledgeable floor cleaning machine technicians can help you monitor and maintain all aspects of your scrubber including water levels and corroded or loose connections. This care will help ensure that you enjoy maximum battery life for your machine, particularly during peak usage, helping you also enjoy the most cost-effective performance.

2. Inadequate suction

When your machine’s suction is poor, it can leave water in unwanted places, in the recovery tank of the scrubber or pooling dangerously on the floor. You may hear the vacuum motor making a high-pitched whine or grinding noise if the industrial floor scrubber loses suction. The sound may mean you need to replace the machine’s motor.

If it’s not making a noise, there are a variety of other reasons why your floor scrubber isn’t suctioning water. Before you call in the advice of a service technician, check the following for possible leaks or blockages:

  1. Check that the lid on the recovery tank is appropriately sealed. If you can remove the lid easily when the motor is running, it’s likely that there is an air leak causing the suction to be weak.
  2. Inspect the recovery tank – ensure that the float cage is free of dirt and debris and has one or both (depending on the model of the machine) plastic balls within the cylindrical screen. When a ball is dislodged or the float is clogged float, it can cause a blockage between the tank and the vacuum motor. This blockage will impede strong suction.
  3. Check your vacuum hose. Inspect the attached fitting for leaks or clogs. Disconnect the vacuum hose from the squeegee assembly and lower the squeegee deck. Test the suction power by clicking the bail to turn on the vacuum motor. Check for possible pinholes or blockages. A clog may need to be professionally flushed. A leak, on the other hand, might require a new hose.

3. The vacuum motor won’t stop

A strange sign, to be sure, when your vacuum motor won’t turn off. But, it is, in fact, a possible problem you might experience. Occasionally, the vacuum motor remains engaged even when the squeegee assembly is raised.  While not a sure solution, you can try to reset your industrial floor scrubber, before contacting a professional service team.

4. Difficulty moving the machine forward or in reverse

Another sign that your floor cleaning machine needs to be serviced is when the scrubber won’t move forward or in reverse.  It’s possible that this issue is the result of a technical or mechanical malfunction or possibly, a broken part. Part repair or replacement is inevitable at some point during the life of your industrial floor scrubber or sweeper.

If your machine is not moving, forward or back, the battery should be the first check as it powers all areas of your scrubber. But, if one machine component draws too much power, it can compromise another component of your floor cleaning machine. Beyond a battery issue, a problem like this is probably best handled by a professional technician.

5. A leaky machine

Sadly, if your floor cleaning machine has a leak, it needs to be professionally serviced. If you have a leaky hose, tank, or brush deck, the chances are increased you’ll soon experience issues with your machine’s performance. Leaking water whether it’s inside your machine or on the floor of your business, it’s either detrimental to the health of your machine or the safety of your facilities, or both. Even more troubling could be leaking water that mixes with chemicals used for the very specific purpose of cleaning. The bottom line regarding leaks? The moment you suspect a leaky machine, contact your repair service team.

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